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Offering you emotional and practical support in all areas of your life.

I set-up The Lifestyle Concept to help people feel free, uplifted and most of all happy.

If you follow my social media you will find interesting articles, uplifting quotes, cheeky banter and even cheekier jokes. It is my hope that these little "Notes to Self" will help you each and every day.

My blogs are thought-provoking, inspirational, funny, emotive, authentic and truthful and are all about my experiences with mental health, depression, anxiety, divorce, downsizing, decluttering, partying at 50+, health, fitness, what to wear for your size, skincare advice, creating the best version of you, connections, the beauty of books and music, forgiveness, gratitude, being you, how to heal yourself, being part of the TV Series 'Escape to the Country' and many more. They are written with love and to share my advice and experience with you.

I can offer you a wide range of Services and my Testimonials speak for themselves and explain who I am and what I can do for you. One of my customers made me laugh when she quoted "This lady can do everything!". As the saying goes "One never stops learning" and I too am learning all the time, but I have lots of life experience and knowledge which I can share with you and thus help you overcome any hurdles in your life.

I offer my clients a complimentary forty-five-minute assessment chat where we discuss your needs and how I can help you. I then prepare a proposal based on our discussion.

I look forward to working with you and making a big difference in your life.

With love,

Tracey B x


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The other day just for a second, I wondered if a 53 year old woman should be going to Ibiza closing parties? I'm glad to say that second passed. Too right she should! Now where did I put my sparkles and big pot of glitter? 😄
#Ibiza2018 #dancemusic #beyou #feelgood

A new haircut has given me a new lease of life. Why it's important to change things in life I explain in my blog https://t.co/iweSjqNJ5H.
Have you change something in your life which made a big difference and gave you a newly found energy?
#lifestyle #enjoylife #feelinghappy

Life live to the fullest and focus on the positive - always!
#livelife #lovelife #positiveenergy

MCT Oil Boosts Energy, Increases Metabolism & Balances Blood Sugar. So Why Aren't More People Using It?
#HealthyEating #metabolism #healthylifestyle #toptips

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