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Hello there, and welcome to The Lifestyle Concept, Destination Happy…

To sum up most succinctly what I do is help people, hopefully taking the weight out of their worries.

Not only that, in my 52 years I have literally done everything from gardening through to public speaking, through to running training courses, through to selling wine, selling skincare to dermatologists and of course, over and above the fun stuff, I am a real person and have had a variety of life experiences, all of which have enriched me. It’s how you handle the knocks that makes you, you.

My background is one of a PA and I am lucky enough to worked in a variety of environments including media and legal.

In 2014, I came down to beautiful Dorset from London and launched myself into “saving” the high street in Highcliffe along with some other lovely people. One of my favourite things was seeing how happy many of my escapades made people, in particular Bollard Painting and weeding!I can honestly say it gave me a purpose.

My modus operandi is to come to you, give you an hour of my time free of charge, and work out what will make you happy. It could be, that the garden is overwhelming and you want some ideas, some input, or simply someone to clear, weed and landscape your garden. It could be that your home needs a re-style and a big old sort out. I am your girl. There is not much I haven’t done and that’s not being big-headed it’s the fact. And if you really need some professional help in any area of your life, I know some amazing people who have helped me grow and develop.

I am empathetic, hardworking, trustworthy and fun. Oh, and if you want to know more references are available on request.

With Love
Tracey B

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