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I have over the last few months, mulled over in my mind what on earth do I call myself?  A PA/Girl Friday?  Well yes I am those things (I am a qualified PA) but the truth is, I am a 'Around Toit" girl.  I am literally the girl who comes to you, finds out what you need help with and cracks on with the things you've been meaning to get 'around to'.  It could take a whole of stuff to a charity shop, re-style your home, clear the garden, organise your time better (less stress) bring in some systems, including sorting your paperwork.  On the larger project side of things, I can help you downsize, move, help you organise an event (find venue choices), walk your dog (I am a huge dog fan and fully insured), keep an eye on your children whilst you go out for the day and spoil yourself (I am DBS checked) help you paint your property, suggest interior ideas, home styling as well as wardrobe styling and decluttering (my favourite thing). Is it possible to be everything for everyone? The answer would, in normal circumstances, be a resounding no but in my 53 years on this earth I have experienced a wide-reaching range of challenges all of which have helped me grow and learn. Even if I don't have a solution I can assure you, I will know someone who has.  

In my 53 years, I have taken on many challenges in my own life which includes everything from gardening (which I love), decluttering my property and my wardrobe, learning to let go of what I cannot have anymore or need and navigating this thing called life as smoothly as I can.  I've had a colourful life - living in both London and Los Angeles and I have worked in TV, Music, high end skincare and legal industries as being a PA to some pretty wacky characters (and I've survived).   Like all of us I have had ups and downs but I always think it's how you handle the knocks that define the rest of your life.  I have worked on my own personal development over the years including Hypnotherapy, educational courses, positive living groups, self help books, mindfulness, CBT (my favourite), meditation and generally working on bringing fun into my life. I more accurately reflect the real me than ever before, something that I notice that a lot of people are doing; deciding to live the life they want and deserve, rather than the life they have been living.  

My experiences make me who I am empathetic and resourceful. I want to use my experiences to help others move forward in whatever way they need my help. It could that you need someone to do a Speed Dating night in Bournemouth or Southampton with you! 

In 2014, I came down to beautiful Dorset from London and launched myself into “saving” the high street in Highcliffe along with some other lovely people. I re-formed a litter picking group, joined the Highcliffe Centre Partnership and was actively involved in helping to regenerate the high street, including doing the marketing for the Highcliffe Food Festival for three years.  One of the highlights was the painting of the bollards with my friend Helen.  It was a pleasure to see how many people appreciated something so small, adding colour to the high street.  It gave me a sense of what I wanted to do - help communities and people get the most out of their lives.  It is what I love to do and what I do best.

I will come to see you, give you an hour of my time free of charge, and work out what I can help you with and prepare a proposal based on what is needed.   It could be, that the garden is overwhelming you (I know a great landscape gardener) but maybe we can do some planting together OR sit in your new garden and chat in your new calm place.  Or maybe we can work on your new home (or your old one) and bring in a new style or new colours and organisation.  I am great with colour and style and have years of experience and some great testimonials to back up what I say.  Perhaps you just need some life guidance, a shoulder to lean on or a friendly ear.  I'm your 'empathy' girl and I look forward to helping you become the best version of you.

With Love
Tracey B

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