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Everyone Needs A ‘Girl Friday’!

  Everyone needs a Girl Friday even me! I often wish I could clone myself to help me! I have just recently moved and if you had seen the chaos which ensued once the removal guys had set down over 50 boxes in my living room – boy, it’s a head spinner! Never mind the […]

Taking Control Of The DIY!

    When life takes an unexpected change of direction whether it for personal reasons or for work, finding yourself suddenly responsible for the maintenance of a home can be a particularly daunting experience – especially if there has always been someone around to put up that shelf or paint the skirting boards.  Sometimes, those […]


As we all know, life is full of ups and downs – it is not meant to be plain sailing – it’s all about how we handle the “downs” that grow and define us. From a young age, we are conditioned to achieve a set of goals (which in turn will make us happy). We are […]

Painting The Town Red…

Going out is fun.  I have always enjoyed socialising but I get it.  Sometimes you don’t feel like it – maybe you have lost your confidence a bit and need a new girlfriend in your life to drag you out, kicking and screaming, painting the town red.  That girl is me!  I love to party […]

Why Grow Old Gracefully?

Over the centuries women have fought hard to hold back the hands of time. Even in Queen Elizabeth’s day coal was used as mascara and mouse fur was used on those with sparse eyebrows. The skin was bleached and powdered white and beauty spots applied. Victorian women would wear their hair in a tight bun […]