I met up with a long-term friend today, we had lost touch in the last year. She’s always been a huge inspiration to me and here’s why.  Not only is she fun to be with, a good laugh, and full of life but her mind-set is on “uplift” all the time. She would never sit with anyone and bring them down and she’s full of encouragement and “go for it attitude”. In fact, as we chatted we agreed on nearly everything and it became clear that we “click” together with the same positive mind-set.  Instead of “why me?” we have learned to say, “why not me?”.

As we caught up, it was apparent that we both share the same energy but where does that energy come from and does it tire us out and why do we ned it?  Well yes, it’s tiring but it’s what keeps us alive. For any of you who have heard or seen Tony Robbins he is a powerhouse of energy – it is what keeps him alive – he had a difficult childhood.  He is testimonial to the fact that anyone can have a new beginning whatever their start in life.

We agreed on one thing, we both love life and we both want to learn and grow, personal development – in our eyes it’s what life is all about.  Personal development to some people sounds scary but really, it’s not.  Goal setting is what humans need to do in order to grow.

Affirmations and gratitude’s, we hear those all the time, but honestly what do they mean?  The truth is, it is a known fact, do something for 21 days and it becomes habit. Even in your lowest days those gratitude’s and affirmations keep you going.  Even when it’s raining, and you are tired or feeling low just look at what there is to be grateful for and trust me there is always something. Even if, in your life, you cannot see the wood for the trees, get out and look around.  Look at nature, the flowers, the birds, the trees, the rain on the sea, the people, holding hands.  There is so much beauty in life it’s a matter of going out there and finding it.  We are truly lucky to be alive and on this planet experiencing everything the good and the bad.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed.  Embrace the rough with the smooth and carry on – aim for “Good as you can be” and you will more than likely achieve every goal you set your heart on.  Set your dreams big and believe.

#Destinationhappy – will you join me?


Tracey B x