Believe In Yourself!

Last July I broke a bone in my ankle. The first time I have broken my foot in 52 years on this planet (but it serves me right for always wondering ‘what it’s like to break a bone). LOL.

So, with that all said, fitness and how I feel about myself are tantamount to me being on tip top form. Since December of last year I have been forcing myself to walk.  Walking is something I do naturally so to find that the walk does not come naturally is rather troublesome.

Anyway, I have persevered.  Since Thursday I have done 22 miles in four days.  Phew. Oh, and I have even done some swimming and a few turns on the old bicycle and a few physio sessions with James at Society 23 as well as one session of Bounce and 20 runs up these steps (photo attached).  I am literally going for it.  I am determined to get well, and I have set my sights on June as being the time I can start running again. I have already started shuffling (it’s not in any way a run) but I’m pleased it’s a start.

So, the moral of this story is this

  • Never give up
  • Never believe you can’t
  • Set your horizons and go for the
  • Don’t worry about a spot of rain!  It’s England!

With love