Empower Yourself!


There is nothing worse than not being able to stand in your own power.  What I mean by that is often finding that things overwhelm you when quite simply you don’t have the skills.

I have often felt like that myself, especially when I separated from my husband. I was left feeling worse than useless. So what I have done about it? Well firstly I relied on others to do jobs I could have done myself so have cost myself a bit of money but having learned from that (Yes I am learning too) I have now booked myself onto two courses in London. One is Preparing & painting in one day – a one day course which will have me having the confidence to paint my own flat!  Hurrah. I cannot wait. The second one is learning how to drill.  haven’t you wanted to put up pictures and shelves but do not know where to start or if you have attempted it you have messed up the wall and seen your shelves crash to the floor?  Yet again there is a solution.

Give me a call to chat about how you can “empower” yourself.

With love