Everyone Needs A ‘Girl Friday’!


Everyone needs a Girl Friday even me! I often wish I could clone myself to help me!

I have just recently moved and if you had seen the chaos which ensued once the removal guys had set down over 50 boxes in my living room – boy, it’s a head spinner! Never mind the boxes, how about finding the kettle, and reading the 20 x manuals that are provided for you if you move into a new apartment like I have just done.  I am still working through the pile of Warranty forms I need to complete and still have not figured how to set the timer on the cooker!

So, you need a Me!!! A Me can a) keep you calm b) take away the stress c) do all the stuff you need to be done asap and all the stuff you had forgotten about. I can make a mean cup of tea, sort your fridge out (I found in my first days I lived off um….proscecco and biscuits) so how about a Me who can buy healthy food and cook some nice meals whilst you are in the middle of this frenzy.

The sheer volume of paperwork and the change of Utilities, Bank, car registration, TV Licence, never mind about the “where on earth am I going to find room for this?” is enough to send anyone’s head spinning.

So let me take the strain.

But that’s not all, I can do so much more. With 30+ years of working as a PA in corporate and music and advertising environments I am a bit of a cross between Edina of A Fab’s PA (but a bit less dishy) and Working Girls’ Melanie Griffiths with a lot of empathy and humour thrown in.

Sometimes life gets too much. It’s okay to admit it – put your hands out and shout to the ceilings and to the Angels – ask them for what you want.  You need a me? Your Girl Friday!


Tracey B