Everyone is talking about it, a lot of us are doing it but an awful lot of us are giving up and failing. It’s hard isn’t it?  Clearing your mind of all thoughts.  After all you have family around this weekend – what to cook them for dinner?  The children are off to camp week after next, you have  a deadline at work etc.  However, Eastern culture has shown us time and time again that taking a few minutes out of each day can clear the mind and put you in the right space to carry out your day.  I have downloaded the App Mindfulness and I rather like that, there are others like Headspace which, after the trial, costs you around £6.00 a month.  However, my advice would be this, don’t stress.  If you start stressing about when you are going to fit in meditation that’s defeating the object.

One of the ways I meditate and it does not eat into my day, is that the minute I get out of bed, I make sure that all my thought are good ones. I think about my day, and the people in my life and as I arise from my deep slumber, I think about what I am grateful for.  I am lucky as I have time to walk each day and I live by the beach.  You can actually meditate while you walk.  You simply zone out – for me listen to Eckhart Tolle on Audible Books on my i-phone and his dulcet tones along with the sound of the sea are all I need to put my mind in the right ‘state”.

It really is a matter of finding out what time of day suits you best and how you can incorporate it easily into your schedule.

Separately, the website has a lot of groups that may suit you. Last night I attended a joint meditation and healing run by a lovely guy – it was open heart meditation and I loved it. We held our hearts and smiled (I know sounds a bit weird) but it was gorgeous and it made me feel amazing.  Especially when you are in a room with like-minded people who share your wish to let go and feel joy and love.

Meditation does not need to take up a lot of your day – in fact, just five minutes a day for twenty one day will have you on track.

Happy Meditating, love Tracey B x