We have heard about it everyone is talking about it. But what is it?

It used to be linked to vanity but it goes way deeper than that.  Narcissists come in all shapes of sizes and they can control your life in a number of ways if you let them.

Sadly you don’t always know you are in the grips of a narcissist until the damage has been done.

For me? I have had two of them in my life, and it was only when I came out of the ‘fog’ and it is like a fog, that I could see what was happening.  I was undermined, overwhelmed and clinging on to my sanity and my self esteem for dear life. For my part it was the control that overwhelmed me. I was literally fighting trying to figure our what was going on, questioning my own sanity and ultimately who I was and what my purpose in life was.  It was time for change. 

Do you know someone who is at the mercy of a narcissist? Maybe you think you are but you’re not sure. I am here to help. If you need a knowing and confidential ear to talk to, please get in touch.

With love,

Tracey B x