New Year, New You – with a twist!


New Year is a funny time.  If you have come out of a relationship and you are on your own for the first time you may feel vulnerable and anxious.  If you have not come out of a relationship but still feel a bit “yuck” about New Year here are some handy tips. So, in order to grab 2018 by the scruff of its neck, give it a good shaking and go for it, I have some handy tips.


  • Set yourself a dream board for 2018 – put everything down that you want to achieve.  Read it every day. You can either put it in notes in your phone or do a proper board with images (pritt stick Blue Peter style). Whatever works.
  • Be creative for your board. If you want to lose two stone, find a picture with a lady who weighs the weight you want to be
  • Think big!  Do you want a new car?  Picture the car, the colour and the garage. Picture yourself climbing inside and having a test drive (I am already doing this with a car I have seen)
  • Imagine yourself doing that run, that walk, that exercise.  Imagine yourself singing in that band, that choir or at that Food Festival.
  • Picture yourself meeting a new man – Hugh Jackman’s taken but put a picture up of him if he floats your boat – gives you an idea of who you are aiming for
  • Do you like your job? So why not change your job? See yourself going to that interview at that company you have been looking at, sitting there, confident as you like and getting the job!  Yah!
  • Picture yourself full of confidence, full of health and full of happiness.  Just think what joy you can bring in to others’ lives if you are on top form/
  • Have you thought about voluntary work? Set aside some time to find the charity of your choice or maybe just working on a local project
  • Set your exercise goals – and stick to them!  Picture yourself sticking to them – with the lighter mornings we can all get fitter.

Me? I have my book to write and a plan. I plan to help women or men find emotional freedom by advising them of some simple steps they can use to put themselves on the happy path. I intend to lose one stone in weight so walking, swimming and eating less here I come!

We are so lucky, we have an amazing opportunity in this life of ours and 2018 is the year to be happy beyond your wildest dreams.

With love,

Tracey B x