Painting The Town Red…

Going out is fun.  I have always enjoyed socialising but I get it.  Sometimes you don’t feel like it – maybe you have lost your confidence a bit and need a new girlfriend in your life to drag you out, kicking and screaming, painting the town red.  That girl is me!  I love to party and living in Bournemouth I feel like I have landed in the party capital of Britain!  Hurrah.  Good news if you are in need of a pick me up.

Of course, not everyone is keen to paint the town red, in fact, not keen to paint the town any colours.  Perhaps a quiet dog walk followed by brunch is much more your thing. Less intimidating and time to socialise in a more sedate manner.

I have good news for you. I have many sides to my personality – I love noise and bustle and hustle but I always love calm and serene.  Hence living on the coast is just the best.  The peace and solitude associated with the sea but the fun of living in a seaside town.

Over the coming months I will be hosting a series of ladies events, I call them supper clubs, but they could be brunch clubs or lunch clubs or partying clubs.  They are quite simply whatever you want them to be.

My ideas include but are not limited to, cinema club, brunches, dog walks, giggly Fridays, meet up groups, shopping trips, Christmas shenanigans and much more.

Feel free to join up, put your party pants on and make time to let your hair down! Feel free and liberated and get to meet some equally as gorgeous as you “girls” (yes girls is fine to use up until the day we drop off this mortal coil – after all, we are all 25 years of age inside our minds) we just need to believe it!

So get your lippy lined up, your party shoes on (or even your walking boots) and join up to our supper club asap!

With love
Tracey B x

p.s. for more information on the supper club activities, drop me an email to