The ‘M’ Word

MENOPAUSE  – with a capital M!
First off, I kept hearing lots of negative things about the menopause so I immediately ignored everything I heard and everything read. I don’t need to know another person’s experience, I just needed to know what my experience was going to be.
I had horrible period pains throughout my 40’s –  so bad that I could only go out packed with a bucket full of tampons and enough sanitary towels to line a sock drawer.  I am not joking. It was a case of leaving the house and then spend the day constantly checking for nasty accidents.  SO with that “too much information” piece shared (remembering sharing is caring) I could not wait to NOT have periods anymore. The day mine stopped I literally had a glass of prosecco. No more worry about accidents and well I felt liberated.  FREE!  Hurrah!  And no more contraception needed.  Double-hurrah!
I could turn into the Wicked Witch of the West when my period was due during my perimenopausal years, I could create a river in my bedroom with perspiration at night – so did I shy away from HRT?  – No, I did not.  I found it worked for me, I felt calmer on it, I did not perspire as much (the worst thing for me) and it managed what can otherwise be a tricky time in a woman’s life.  I think as well, that when you are going through the menopause, that sharing with your friends is key.  That is something I never did and having no-one to empathise with was hard-going. After all, to my husband I was “the she-devil” so no sympathy there – just avoidance.  LOL x
What I can say is this.  If you face the menopause as what it is – inevitable – and do not pre-load it with negative thoughts and “preconceptions” then you will be good.  I recall actually going to the doctors just after my official “you are in the menopause appointment” and I remember saying to the nurse “hurrah I am in menopause” no more periods, I am so happy”.  Her response?  “Oh you have years of the menopause yet, I have a friend in her 60’s and she’s still suffering”.  My response?  Fingers in years, skipping out of the doctors, with my dance music pounding in my ears.  “I’m gonna get through this” by Daniel Beddingfield – how apt?
Warm regards
Tracey Beesley