Do we really need to cry baby?

“Emotion, Empathy, Feeling” “These human qualities, gentlemen, are for the weak, for those who we leave behind. For those who we remove from the group. You are the masters of mankind; bred to be the future’s history. Hold yourself as such – and do not let the world see you tremble!”   These powerful lyrics are taken […]

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Narcissism – Part two

As I strolled down along the beach on Friday, I could not help but stop in my tracks when I saw this heading from the Daily Mail. Is being a Narcissist good for you? The article went on to say that basically a Narcissist’s inflated sense of self-worth makes him mentally tough. Grandiosity, entitlement, dominance […]

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Silence is truly golden

While I write this blog I’m sitting in the garden of an old friend. She lives in a cottage in Wilton near Salisbury. Her garden is full of flowers, sweet peas, sunflowers, dahlias, marigolds and hibiscus. These flowers are sitting comfortably with three chickens, an apple orchard, two Jack Russells, oodles of vegetables and the […]

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