I Am Writing A Book!

I am writing a book.  It’s taking shape nicely. It’s about my life experience.  As I write I recall the experiences vividly like they were happening to me right now.  Some of the experiences I would rather not re-live but they happened, they are real, and I need to acknowledge them, express gratitude for the […]

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Gardening .. Good For The Soul

I am sure many gardeners out there will read this and think “tell us something we do not already know” but the truth is this. Gardening is brilliant, it is amazing, it is the best.  Firstly, you are outdoors, you get to connect to nature (something we should all do).  You get to see bugs […]

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Top Drawer – Buying For 2017

So Sunday 15th January found me at Top Drawer Olympia one of the biggest trade fairs in the country – and apparently yesterday it was bigger than it had ever been! I arrived around midday.  Now, although I always have a loose plan in my mind I prefer to wander and “spot”.  What I mean […]

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