Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising.

A personal recommendation speaks volumes and is crucial, especially when it comes to talking about personal feelings and emotions. Here are just a few testimonials that I’ve collected over the years. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with a project or a life change, why not give me a call, we can have a coffee and see if I can help …

Tracey is absolutely the prefect host for social fairy events. She is caring, funny, engaging, full of ideas and energy. So I’ll say: “Sit back with a cocktail in hand and listen to Tracey’s entertaining stories of real life observations from her truly unusual life path.

Recently I had the pleasure of a night out in Christchurch with a handful of delightful ladies starting with a cocktail followed by food at a café. The atmosphere was relaxed and easy from the start with Tracey making sure we were all fine with a cocktail in hand; giving us a chance to chat and finding ways for us to engage pointing out our similar interests.

I am very much looking forward to be part of many of the new events, which Tracey is offering – all from the kindness of her heart. I wish there were more people around like Tracey, who with her intellect, sparkle and wit keeps you fully relaxed and entertained.
Much love Lis xx

I could not have sold my flat without Tracey’s help.  I could not see I had a problem (but I could not sell my flat).  Tracey came in, moved stuff around and painted a few walls and hey presto, the flat was sold within a week.
David, Marlow, Bucks

Tracey helped me declutter my house and make it more saleable – she even put sheet music on the piano to make it look like it was a happy home.  Within two weeks we had an offer.
Helen, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

After my husband died I lost the ability to focus on what needed doing in the house.  I admit I was overwhelmed and did not know where to begin. Tracey came in offered emotional support and helped me downsize from a large 4 bedroomed house to a one bedroomed flat, whilst still retaining the memories of my husband.
Joy, Christchurch, Dorset

When I had lost my way and could only see the negative in everything, Tracey handed me a copy of a special book which, in fact, I had been given years ago but had never read. It was the jolt I needed to make me re-read the book and turn my life around.  I now view things more positively and my life is more calm and balanced.
Richard, Christchurch, Dorset

I had just moved to a modern house and did not know how to furnish it. Tracey took me to a shop and within half an hour we had spent a huge amount of money.  Tracey just has an eye and I am glad to tell you everything worked perfectly in my house. I could never have done that by myself.
Banu, St Albans Hertfordshire

Tracey has given me the name of a CBT councillor who can help me with my anxiety. I am so glad I met Tracey – she is warm and friendly and I knew I could trust her to confide in and I knew she would be able to offer help and counsel.
Joyce, Highcliffe

Tracey made very light-work of organising my daughter’s Christening. She literally did everything  Designed the invites, got them printed, sent them out, coordinated numbers.  She chose the venue (I gave the go ahead – Danesfield House in Marlow) – arranged the whole day.  Everyone said what a great day we had.  It’s down to Tracey’s skills.  She is relaxed but organised all at the same time so she does not put any stress on you.  I am a busy business woman and I just could not handle the thought of organising an event with over 100 people.  She has a really good eye – I have seen her home!  Above all, she is special, caring and gentle and fun to be with.  She listens well too – very important in my book.
Banu, St Albans 

Tracey Beesley and I met about 3 years ago, and I became a customer of hers, and as a result, became a personal friend. Tracey’s zest for life, compassion towards others and relentless drive to make the world about her a better place are unparalleled – she is beautiful inside and out and such a positive ray of sunshine, it’s a pleasure to spend time with her. She has a strong and fearless business mind, and an iron-strong will to succeed! xx
Cathy Mosley

I first met Tracey many years ago and we have always kept in touch. I love her vibrant energy, positive mindset and this consistency in building her brand and herself! But what I really LOVE about this lady is how she has , despite so many life curve balls, she’s bounced back and risen higher. I can’t wait to read your book and watch you inspire hundreds of women to be happy! Xx
Rebecca Green

I’ve known Tracey for several years in a personal and professional capacity. She is a wonderfully positive and caring person. Her energy and zest for life is so inspiring, whatever struggles come her way she will find a way to power through (and looking fabulously stylish to boot!!) She’s an amazing lady that’s always there for others and I’m so looking forward to reading her forthcoming book. Go girl!
Michelle Jefferys

I’ve known Tracey for many many years and although we lost touch for a while we are well and truly back in touch now!!!! Tracey has a genuine zest for life and oozes positivity. She is enormously capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to. She shows everyone kindness and understanding. Most importantly she has a wicked sense of humour…
Sarah Hellis

The lifestyle concept, is an amazing idea and business, which helps support us human beings on every level. Tracey an incredibly successful business women herself, has taken business’ from nothing to huge success, she is actually the best example there is out there for the lifestyle concept, she is diligent, honest, incredibly organised, has unbelievable taste, she is thoughtful, she listens, she never stops pushing the boundaries for new ideas and concepts and hunts down relentlessly the answers to the questions, the dilemmas, and the work in hand. I trust her with my life she has turned my world around and made it easier, happier, more peaceful and more productive. She is like a guru, a goddess and an Oracle all rolled into one. If you haven’t got Tracey in your life then get to it, life changing.
Ciara Redican

Tracey is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met her zest for life and positivity both in her own life and encouraging me to achieve my own goals will never be forgotten.
Vicky Wesley

I’ve known Tracey since she was a PA to the owner of a major UK Company. Always impressed with her knowledge and experience–she never has a bad day and she’s helped me through a few of mine. I rely on her for the best advice and solutions. I only wished she lived closer!
Klay Anderson

I would give 10 stars if possible! Simply amazing lady, fabulous personality, and kind soul! Can’t wait to meet you in person! When you ‘touch’ something, everything turns in gold
Sonrisa Bque

Tracy is a friend of mine . She a warm , caring ,friendly person and always wants to help. Glad to have her as a friend. Kathryn x
Kathryn Symons

My ‘date’ with you started when I did call you to ask about the property your had in Highcliffe. I was looking to make a change in my life, to move on the south coast, to start a business. I did see the empty property and seen your sign on top of it ‘The Lifestyle Concept-Destination Happy’. From the beginning, the name of the shop attracted me as I was looking along with this move, to change my life, to quit the 9-5 job and start a new chapter of my life as a business owner. Therefore, I was looking for happiness, or better saying to be happier, to improve my happiness.

I did search on Facebook, found your page with the same awesome name, looked at the posts (was trying to steal ideas for the boutique). From the posts and the post messages & the comments, I did feel that you are a strong, wise and happy person. Then, I did read ‘About’ and from there my feeling became stronger. After doing all this, I decide to ring you to ask for an advice about the empty property, area, etc.  I meant to keep you on the phone just 5-10 minutes. Do you remember that we had a 2 hours conversation? I didn’t see your face, never met you; from that one off conversation I knew I’ve found a rare personality with an amazing view of life. I want to believe I am the second person with such an amazing attitude:)))

Your life experience, your beautiful words full of wisdom, your tone of voice touched my heart forever!

You never met me, you don’t even know how I look (now I know your face), I believe you don’t even know my age and you proved yourself to be a person than doesn’t take into account race, nationality or color. You are an example that we all need to learn from! I wish to be closer to you to walk on your footprints.

Love, Crina xxx