Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising.

A personal recommendation speaks volumes and is crucial, especially when it comes to talking about personal feelings and emotions. Here are just a few testimonials that I’ve collected over the years. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with a project or a life change, why not give me a call, we can have a coffee and see if I can help …

Tracey is absolutely the prefect host for social fairy events. She is caring, funny, engaging, full of ideas and energy. So I’ll say: “Sit back with a cocktail in hand and listen to Tracey’s entertaining stories of real life observations from her truly unusual life path.

Recently I had the pleasure of a night out in Christchurch with a handful of delightful ladies starting with a cocktail followed by food at a café. The atmosphere was relaxed and easy from the start with Tracey making sure we were all fine with a cocktail in hand; giving us a chance to chat and finding ways for us to engage pointing out our similar interests.

I am very much looking forward to be part of many of the new events, which Tracey is offering – all from the kindness of her heart. I wish there were more people around like Tracey, who with her intellect, sparkle and wit keeps you fully relaxed and entertained.
Much love Lis xx

I could not have sold my flat without Tracey’s help.  I could not see I had a problem (but I could not sell my flat).  Tracey came in, moved stuff around and painted a few walls and hey presto, the flat was sold within a week.
David, Marlow, Bucks

Tracey helped me declutter my house and make it more saleable – she even put sheet music on the piano to make it look like it was a happy home.  Within two weeks we had an offer.
Helen, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

After my husband died I lost the ability to focus on what needed doing in the house.  I admit I was overwhelmed and did not know where to begin. Tracey came in offered emotional support and helped me downsize from a large 4 bedroomed house to a one bedroomed flat, whilst still retaining the memories of my husband.
Joy, Christchurch, Dorset

When I had lost my way and could only see the negative in everything, Tracey handed me a copy of a special book which, in fact, I had been given years ago but had never read. It was the jolt I needed to make me re-read the book and turn my life around.  I now view things more positively and my life is more calm and balanced.
Richard, Christchurch, Dorset

I had just moved to a modern house and did not know how to furnish it. Tracey took me to a shop and within half an hour we had spent a huge amount of money.  Tracey just has an eye and I am glad to tell you everything worked perfectly in my house. I could never have done that by myself.
Banu, St Albans Hertfordshire

Tracey has given me the name of a CBT councillor who can help me with my anxiety. I am so glad I met Tracey – she is warm and friendly and I knew I could trust her to confide in and I knew she would be able to offer help and counsel.
Joyce, Highcliffe

Tracey made very light-work of organising my daughter’s Christening. She literally did everything  Designed the invites, got them printed, sent them out, coordinated numbers.  She chose the venue (I gave the go ahead – Danesfield House in Marlow) – arranged the whole day.  Everyone said what a great day we had.  It’s down to Tracey’s skills.  She is relaxed but organised all at the same time so she does not put any stress on you.  I am a busy business woman and I just could not handle the thought of organising an event with over 100 people.  She has a really good eye – I have seen her home!  Above all, she is special, caring and gentle and fun to be with.  She listens well too – very important in my book.
Banu, St Albans