Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising. A personal recommendation speaks volumes and is crucial, especially when it comes to talking about personal feelings and emotions.

Here are only a few testimonials of happy clients I helped with getting on top of life over the years.

If you need practical, emotional or organisational support in your life, I can help you and have many years experience as PA, personal and home styling, decluttering, personal development, beauty and skincare.

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Tracey is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met

Tracey is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, her zest for life and positivity both in her own life and encouraging me to achieve my own goals will never be forgotten.

Vicky Wesley

I could not have sold my flat without Tracey’s help

I could not have sold my flat without Tracey’s help. I could not see I had a problem (but I could not sell my flat). Tracey came in, moved stuff around and painted a few walls and hey presto, the flat was sold within a week.


Marlow, Bucks

She is warm and friendly and I knew I could trust her to confide in

Tracey has given me the name of a CBT councillor who can help me with my anxiety. I am so glad I met Tracey – she is warm and friendly and I knew I could trust her to confide in and I knew she would be able to offer help and counsel.


Highcliffe, Dorset

Tracey just has an eye for interior

I had just moved to a modern house and did not know how to furnish it. Tracey took me to a shop and within half an hour we had spent a huge amount of money. Tracey just has an eye and I am glad to tell you everything worked perfectly in my house. I could never have done that by myself.


St Albans, Hertfordshire

She is relaxed but organised all at the same time so does not put any stress on you

Tracey made very light-work of organising my daughter’s Christening. She literally did everything Designed the invites, got them printed, sent them out, coordinated numbers. She chose the venue (I gave the go-ahead – Danesfield House in Marlow) – arranged the whole day. Everyone said what …


St Albans

Tracey reduced my paperwork into 3 neat files with labelled divisions and front index

My paperwork and things to do list had got seriously out of hand and I could spend days trying to condense all the various bits of information without making much headway. While visiting a friend and expressing my anguish of not being able to sort this problem she recommended Tracey Beesley at The Lifes…



She’s an amazing lady that’s always there for others

I’ve known Tracey for several years in a personal and professional capacity. She is a wonderfully positive and caring person. Her energy and zest for life are so inspiring, whatever struggles come her way she will find a way to power through (and looking fabulously stylish to boot!!) She’s an amazin…

Michelle Jefferys

I love her vibrant energy and positive mindset

I first met Tracey many years ago and we have always kept in touch. I love her vibrant energy, positive mindset and this consistency in building her brand and herself! But what I really LOVE about this lady is how she has, despite so many life curveballs, bounced back and risen higher. I can’t wai…

Rebecca Green

I knew I’ve found a rare person with an amazing view of life

My ‘date’ with you started when I did call you to ask about the property you had in Highcliffe. I was looking to make a change in my life, to move on the south coast, to start a business. I did see the empty property and seen your sign on top of it ‘The Lifestyle Concept-Destination Ha…

Love, Crina xxx

Tracey is a warm, caring and friendly person and always wants to help

Tracy is a friend of mine. She is a warm, caring and friendly person and always wants to help. Glad to have her as a friend. Kathryn x

Kathryn Symons

Tracey has a genuine zest for life and oozes positivity

I’ve known Tracey for many years and although we lost touch for a while we are well and truly back in touch now!!!! Tracey has a genuine zest for life and oozes positivity. She is enormously capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to. She shows everyone kindness and understanding. Most importa…

Sarah Hellis

Tracey is a successful business women, diligent, honest and incredibly organised

The Lifestyle Concept is an amazing idea and business, which helps support us human beings on every level. Tracey an incredibly successful business women herself, has taken business’ from nothing to huge success, she is actually the best example there is out there for the lifestyle concept, she is…

Ciara Redican

I’ve always been impressed with her knowledge and experience

I’ve known Tracey since she was a PA to the owner of a major UK Company. Always impressed with her knowledge and experience, she never has a bad day and she’s helped me through a few of mine. I rely on her for the best advice and solutions. I only wished she lived closer!

Klay Anderson

Tracey is always coming up with fabulous ideas

Tracey is always coming up with fabulous ideas, ever upbeat, well organised and well connected. She is a positive boon to any business or individual, but be warned her enthusiasm is highly contagious. Rarely do you find such a great combination of warmth, empathy, philanthropy and effortless ability to …

Sue P

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