Do you enjoy a country walk and brunch? Maybe a couple of cocktails on a Friday night or the cinema with friends? Whatever takes your fancy, here at The Lifestyle Concept, we are putting together a number of different events to bring local people together whilst doing something they enjoy!  Here’s what’s coming up! 



Friday 10th November – Giggling Fridays – probably at The King’s, Christchurch.  Let’s arrange to meet there at 6pm.

Saturday 9th December – Shopping trip to Winchester Christmas Market (probably one of the best in the UK).  I will organise a mini bus if there is enough of us or we can get the train.  I would like to suggest lunch at River Cafe or Rick Stein’s Restaurant.

I am feeling my way here but trying to think of a broad spectrum of outings to suit all of us.

Some of you may be aware that Westbourne has the cutest cinema so I am looking into hiring this especially for us – two years ago I went to see Elf and sitting in the mini cinema was really quite special and different.

Please let me know if you are free to attend any of these events and we will take it from there. In all cases, I will coordinate transport so that everyone gets the best experience.

please email me on to let me know your interest.

With Love

Tracey B x