That’s a taster of what I can do.  You get the gist. You can lean on me to take the strain and remove the “worries” that could be holding you back from enjoying your life.  My aim?  To help you help yourself.

Event organising, personal and home styling, project management & PA/Girl Friday


I used to live on the Brentham Garden Estate in London and had a beautiful garden. I planted it up myself.  It may well be that your garden is overwhelming you and you need some fresh ideas and maybe a tidy up?  I can help.


Maybe you need to amalgamate credit cards so payments are easier?  Or maybe you need to work out your finances and what is going in and out. I can prepare an excel spreadsheet and we can see what we can do to make your finances easier.  I can help.

Inbox de-clutter

Does your inbox contain more emails than you need? Do you want to unsubscribe from the thousands of emails clogging up your inbox? I can do that for you and “file” emails so you know what is what and what is not. I can help.


Do you want to see a specialist and have no idea who to turn to? I know some amazing people – Hypnotherapists, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Spiritual Mentors, Financial Advisors, CBT therapist, Aesthetic Doctors/Clinics.


Do you have a heap of paperwork and need some sort of systems brought into your life? I am your girl. I love filing and have an analytical brain.  I can help.

Feeling lonely?

I know how that feels.  Allow me to get you out and about on the social scene.  Thus, taking away the fear. I can accompany you to events and indeed, introduce you to some people before you have the confidence to go on your own. I can help you.

Dog Walking

I have had dogs all my life and love them.  If I walk your pooch I will love him/her as my own, throw lots of balls, pick up after them, not over feed them, follow your guidelines for their wants and needs and generally show them a jolly good time.  I can help.


I am DBS checked and have been told I am pretty good with children. I actually don’t have any myself due to circumstances, but am happy to keep an eye on your little ones if you would like some quality time with your partner.  Or indeed, if you just need to pop out for a while.


Is your wardrobe overwhelming you? We all over shop at times – it’s fine to admit it. But not being able to find things and finding everything is overwhelming and I get it.  I love a sort out and we can have fun doing it.  I will then take away any items you want to say “bye bye” to and I can sell them for you (15% commission retained on each item sold).

Event management

I love organizing events and my experience is vast – from 1,000 people on Kensington Roof Gardens through to a garden party, with candles, Champagne and canapes.  I organized my friend’s daughter’s Christening at the Danesfield House Hotel in Marlow – including the invites and menu selection. 

Personal shopping

I love shopping, so if you love it too, let’s do it together, I can help you choose some nice items (try stopping me) and we can have fun too.

Online dating profile writing

If you are on your own and want to find a new love then I’m your girl. I have had some experience for writing for myself and love a challenge.  Let’s find you Mr. or Mrs. Right.   I have a quirky style so can bring the best out in you.  I can help.

Getting you motivated to get exercising

I love exercising and it is so important for mental and physical health. I am a big fan of walking, it’s free and its great fun.  Let me accompany you to motivate you and keep you company. I myself have had to keep an eye on my weight so have some handy “healthy eating tips” that have worked for me.  I can help.

Your business

I have worked in business and am happy to assist on a PA level – either writing emails, creating documents, excel spreadsheets etc and generally offering a PA/diary management role.

Fancy writing a novel?

I can dictate onto a tape and I can transcribe it for you. I have done a lot of audio typing and in fact, used to transcribe tapes for the BBC which were sent abroad.  I used to have to put in every Um and argh which was amusing and time-consuming!

Planning a holiday?

I can do some research for you and come up with some options. Give me the budget and your time-frame and leave the rest to me. I can help.