I Am Writing A Book!

I am writing a book.  It’s taking shape nicely. It’s about my life experience.  As I write I recall the experiences vividly like they were happening to me right now.  Some of the experiences I would rather not re-live but they happened, they are real, and I need to acknowledge them, express gratitude for the leanings and then let them go on their merry way.



Hence the book is cathartic and healing.  As I write the words on the pages I write every word with love for those who have played such a big role in my life and, as I write, I look forward to the years that unfold and the further experiences of my life.

I can see how far I have come and I can also see how far I have to go. The good news is that life is about learning and although life can be scattered with good and bad experiences, it’s how we handle and learn from the bad that lets us grow.

If you feel inspired to write, for yourself or for others, there are many local writing courses and if you gently ask your friends they will more often than not be more than happy to read your life story and critique it for you.  It is best to take professional advice but ask around as more than likely someone you know, knows someone who has written a book themselves which has been published.

My book will help to heal myself but, in turn, will offer an amusing and colorful life story that will, as per my intent, help others to embrace life’s challenges and to simply keep the faith that you will make it. You will survive.

Always fancied writing? Why not contact a local writing circle group for help and support:



Tracey B x