Discovery Call

Our first step is to talk on the phone, via Whatsapp or video call, to discuss your challenges and how I could help.

11 Week Programme

I will work with you over an 11-week period, broken down into eleven bite sized hours where we will focus on letting go of that which no longer serves you.


Elevate your Life

I will help you elevate your life and allow you to be free of the clutter that holds you back. In turn, you will be clearer in your mind to plan your next moves, whatever they may be.

I can help you…

… declutter your entire life, starting with the physical clutter. Once you have decluttered the physical clutter, you will think more clearly and can make better decisions. With a place for everything and everything in its place and only having in your life, exactly what you need, then the world is literally your oyster. And like every oyster contains a pearl, you will find the jewel that is within your grasp.

Having trouble finding clarity and letting go?

You’re not alone…I’m here to help!

There are times in our life (often around the menopause) where you struggle to make the right decisions for you and your family. Maybe a loss of a much-loved parent or partner, has left you distraught, or maybe a marriage/relationship break-up (it is still loss) has really left you struggling, I am here to offer a helping hand, along with support, and guidance in a gentle, non-judgemental manner.

How I can help…

I can help you make decisions about what should be kept, take away items destined for charity and guide you on how to be organised within your home and your life.


The key to being clutter free, is to be organised, a place for everything and a home environment that flows.


The style of your home is a reflection of you; it is therefore important to have a style that suits your personality.


We all need help at some stage in our lives, there is no shame in asking someone to work with you whilst you work through your clutter and let go of things that are holding you back


Who doesn’t want to feel lighter, brighter, and free of clutter? Being clutter free elevates your life and allows you to breathe and to enjoy life fully without the worry of “too much stuff.”

Finding a balance can be hard, but decluttering doesn’t have to be

When you are juggling a job, a family, and a home, something has to give. Often, it’s you that pays the price. You feel worn out and life feels out of kilter. I believe it’s about finding balance. Not too much of any one thing and a feeling of calm enveloping your life.

About Beth

Professional Organiser & Stylist

Organisation is something I did instinctively as a child. Firstly, in my bedroom, where I would take pleasure organising my clothes and pens, but later as a young woman, working for solicitors as a PA/Secretary and later Chief Executives in both the advertising, TV and music industry. I have the ‘tidy gene’ and there is no getting away from it, but above that, I love the idea of bringing order to chaos and with strong visual merchandizing experience and an eye for style, I love to transform homes from bland to beautiful.

After our initial chat, if location allows, a quick visit will allow us to firm up the paperwork. We will then set dates for our sessions. I will create a plan which we both agree to, and I will send you support materials as required to help you make the start. I always assess a client’s needs on an individual basis before committing.

My Approach

I am empathetic and supportive with no judgement. I am all about moving forward in a positive manner. This can be hard, but I am there for you and we can even chat a lot (or a little) about all elements of life.

My Process

No cupboard, drawer, garage, or loft will be left unturned. Categorising everything will make it easier. Clothes with clothes, books with books, craft with craft, toys together, jewellery, shoes. This way, you can see clearly what you have and it will make it easier for you to let go. Who needs 20 pairs of black trousers?


With a decluttered home, you will feel free and more energised. You may even feel that you want to make a completely new start and move, or you may just find that with less clutter, you have more time to spend with friends and family without the chaos that clutter brings to your life.

Get my…Simple Guide to Decluttering

I work with so many who struggle to even know where to start decluttering & organising and styling their home. This quick guide makes it all quite simple. Step by step, showing you how to get started and where to sell/donate your ‘stuff’. After you have done the declutter you may wish to look at every element in your life and do a bit more decluttering of your own.

Get my…Simple Guide to Decluttering

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“Very professional and focused, yet warm and very understanding. Really helped us declutter. It was great having Beth help us out. Highly recommended!”


“I have known Beth for many years, she is dedicated and passionate about her role. She has minimised my stress levels, strategised my whole move and done it with a smile.
She really is a Man Friday. Whole heartedly would recommend 110%”



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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long does a typical decluttering and styling project take?

That is so hard to answer. I can work really fast, in fact, I am a fan of not overthinking the declutter as often, dragging the process out can be more traumatic as you ponder over items. However, neither do I like to rush through things. I offer 11 hour packages. A lot can be achieved in 11 hours but sometimes it make take three or four packages, it really depends on the size of the project. Each session is normally around two to three hours, dependent on your energy levels. Decluttering can be exhausting but once we have had our first session we can gauge how you feel and how quickly this can be done.

What happens to the items I want to donate or discard during the decluttering process?
I work with local charities so take your donations to them, as part of my service. I often liaise with free cycle sites too and drop off items to people who are really struggling. I will give you direction on what can be recycled too as it is far more than you would imagine. I detest anything going into landfill other than the obvious household waste. I can also work with you to sell through items on a percentage fee basis.
Can you work with existing furniture and decor, or do I need to purchase new items?
I can work with current furnishings and often, items that have been maybe put into the garage, or similar, can be utilised in another part of the home. I also know people who can up-cycle your furniture, especially if you want a whole new look. For some clients I have prepared a mood board, sourced colour swatches of paint and wallpaper and recommend people who can paint furniture and really give your home a new look.
Will you provide guidance on maintaining my space after the project is complete?
I actually recommend this, as maintenance is often the key to the success of the project. I offer solutions to keeping on top of your home but if needs be, can come in once a month to assess where problems may be occurring again.
Can you work with a specific budget for purchasing new decor or organising solutions?
Absolutely. In fact, as part of the package, I would take you to home-decor shops and we could, once we have created a list of what is needed, I could help you decide on what would work in your home.
Do I need to be present during the decluttering and styling sessions?
I prefer you are present, as I cannot make decisions about your stuff. However, if your clutter is initially obvious, i.e. recycling, then I am able to do a quick declutter before you are involved. I hope that makes sense!
Do you offer virtual decluttering and styling services?
I have worked with several clients on a remote basis and it has worked well.