Helping you get on top of life and bringing calm to overwhelm

I want to help people find Inner Harmony

I am a local, professional, reliable professional organiser.

I want to make a difference and I want to help people find their inner harmony. An inner harmony that I think we are all seeking. I share my learnings and my words with kindness, compassion and love. I dedicate to you my time, my support, my professionalism, my resilience and my reliability.

I set up 'The Lifestyle Concept' in 2015, originally as a shop but in 2017 came to realise that the business was entirely set up to help people feel happy and create a sense of community.

Decluttering all elements of my life has helped me remain calm and brought calm to overwhelm.

I have worked in senior PA roles for over 25+ years and have strong organisational skills, which help me to organise and declutter other people's lives. The word declutter is very popular these days but it's something I have done since young.  It is one of the best things you can do for yourself, as it helps you create the right space in order for you to move forward - either literally with a home move or metaphorically speaking.

  • Do you need to downsize but do not have the energy to undertake this project on your own?
  • Are you going through a relationship breakup or divorce and are struggling to keep mind, body and soul together?
  • Do you want your home to be a place you can relax and unwind?
  • Do you need to move but dread the whole project and need some help?
  • Do you need someone who is organised to help you get back on top of life?
  • Do you need to downsize but can hardly bear the thought of letting go of things based on years of memories and the sheer size of the task at hand?
  • Are you looking for peace and well-being in your life?

If the answer is YES to any of the above situations, then I could be the solution you have been looking for?

Nothing phases me and if I can help you it will be my pleasure to do so. Please have a look at my Services for a full list of what I can do. My Testimonials speak for themselves and explain my work ethics, who I am as a person and the work I have done for my clients. Photos of 'my style' show you my eye for detail and colour.

I offer every new client a complimentary hour's chat, ideally in person, where we discuss your needs and how I can help you. You might just need a quick ad-hoc job or want to have regular monthly support which I offer in packages of 10, 15 and 20 hours per month. That way I can literally be at your fingertips whenever you need me.

I am also a regular guest-writer for the Mudeford Magazine and have a column in the House & Lifestyle Magazine, Dorset's favourite property and lifestyle magazine. I share snippets of my life on my social media to help people find 'Happy' with tips and motivational quotes. I share tools that I have used to help me feel more content than I have ever felt.

It would be my pleasure to help you in any element of your life and bring that inner harmony to your life, something I think we all are seeking. After all, life is all about the balance, having fun and enjoying yourself.


Tracey B x

Lifestyle Consultant