Helping you declutter your home and find inner harmony.

I am a professional declutterer based in Bournemouth, Dorset and I can help you declutter your home.

I believe that clarity to help you make the right decisions in your life, can be found by decluttering.  Only when you feel that you are in a calm space can you then think clearly.  From a simple decluttering session, my clients have found time to pursue their passions, move on from a negative relationship, move home, and gain financial freedom. Sometimes and most often, it's a case of my client's sharing their life experiences so that I can help them move forward gently.

I declutter homes and offices to get my clients organised and tidy when they feel stressed and overwhelmed with these tasks. I dedicate my time, support, professionalism, resilience and reliability to all of my clients who can expect an immaculate job.

I set up my business in 2015 which was initially a shop in Highcliffe, to help with the high street regeneration. What I came to realise was that my real 'want' was to offer my decluttering services whilst helping a high street at the same time!

Having been a PA for over 25 years and having strong organisational skills has helped me organise not only my own life and homes but also the lives of my bosses over the years; becoming a Professional Organiser was a natural step for me. Who would have thought it would be a 'thing' in 2020? I take my role very seriously and have attended a two day Mental Health First Aid course run by MHFA England, a CIC set up to educate the community about mental health in order to recognise signs of mental illness, but to also, help mediate any situation as a result of a mental health crisis.  I am about to embark on training specifically to help those with hoarding issues and those with ADHD and can be described as ADHD friendly as I have experienced people who have the condition.    Not only that I have read extensively about mental health and embarked, in the last five-years, in an extensive training programme (self motivated) to better understand myself and others.  This includes reading of over 35 personal development books covering such topics as "It's not your Fault" through "Why do we do that?"  I have another 20+ to read, plus attending two Landmark Forum seminars where you are given the gift of better understanding yourself.  This knowledge gives me a better insight into human nature and I am more able to help those who seek my help.

For me, life is a journey of discovery and learning and I believe you learn something every day.

My promise to you -

I will never judge you as who am I to do that?

I will never come in with a "let's get this stuff cleared out now" attitude although I will want 'us' to make progress

What I see and hear remains confidential, always

You should never feel embarrassed by your clutter, I'm here to help you work through it

There is no need for guilt or shame; there is nothing I have not seen

There is no need for you to worry, that's for me to do!  I have broad shoulders

I am empathetic to your needs

I have some questions which may help you make the decision to call me -

  • Do you need to downsize but do not have the energy to undertake this project on your own?
  • Are you going through a relationship breakup or divorce and are struggling to keep mind, body and soul together?
  • Do you want your home to be a place you can relax and unwind?
  • Do you need to move but dread the whole project and need some help?
  • Do you want to sell or rent your property and need some help with home staging to make the property look clean and stylish and achieve a quicker sale or rental?
  • Do you need someone who is organised to help you get back on top of life?
  • do you struggle with ADHD or chronic disorganisation which I can help with?
  • Do you have too much stuff after a period of grieving and now know it's time to let go but have neither the heart or mind to make the start?
  • Ladies (or men) do you have a burgeoning wardrobe where you find that you "Don't have anything to wear" despite an overflowing cupboard?
  • Are you looking for peace and well-being in your life so that you can make some major decisions?
  • do you want systems in your life which you can work with?

If these questions resonate with you and the answer is 'Yes', then it is almost definitely time to utilise my professional services;

Please have a look at my Services for more detailed information. My Testimonials speak for themselves and explain my work ethics, who I am as a person and the work I have done for my clients. Photos of My Style show my eye for detail, interior and colour.

My fees, terms and conditions and a little more about me is available from my website.

I believe that life is all about getting the balance just right. I would be happy for you to find that balance in your life as I, after a few years of practice, have achieved.

With warmest regards.



She is relaxed but organised all at the same time so does not put any stress on you

Beth made very light-work of organising my daughter’s Christening. She literally did everything Designed the invites, got them printed, sent them out, coordinated numbers. She chose the venue (I gave the go-ahead – Danesfield House in Marlow) – arranged the whole day. Everyone said what a great day we had. It’s down to Beth’s skills. She is relaxed but organised all at the same time so she does not put any stress on you. I am a busy business woman and I just could not handle the thought of organising an event with over 100 people. She has a really good eye – I have seen her home! Above all, she is special, caring and gentle and fun to be with. She listens well too – very important in my book.


St Albans

You have no idea what an impact you had on my life

My dear Beth. I hope you are well and having a splendid New Year’s Eve. Last year I met you around the same time, dancing at the plaza in Los Gigantes. You have no idea what an impact you had on my life. You asked me if I was happy and I said „no“. And you simply told me, it‘s my responsibility to be happy and nobody else’s. Within the first weeks of January 2019 I quit my job and filed for divorce. Now I have my dream job, and I am in a happy and healthy relationship. You gave me the push in the right direction when I needed it the most. Thank you so much for your positive energy… your words really changed my life! ❤️



Simply amazing lady, fabulous personality, and kind soul

I would give 10 stars if possible! Simply amazing lady, fabulous personality, and kind soul! Can’t wait to meet you in person! When you ‘touch’ something, everything turns into gold.

Sonrisa Bque

I’ve always been impressed with her knowledge and experience

I’ve known Beth since she was a PA to the owner of a major UK Company. Always impressed with her knowledge and experience, she never has a bad day and she’s helped me through a few of mine. I rely on her for the best advice and solutions. I only wished she lived closer!

Klay Anderson

Beth is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met

Beth is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, her zest for life and positivity both in her own life and encouraging me to achieve my own goals will never be forgotten.

Vicky Wesley

Beth is a successful business woman, diligent, honest and incredibly organised

The Lifestyle Concept is an amazing idea and business, which helps support us human beings on every level. Beth an incredibly successful business women herself, has taken business’ from nothing to huge success, she is actually the best example there is out there for the lifestyle concept, she is diligent, honest, incredibly organised, has unbelievable taste, she is thoughtful, she listens, she never stops pushing the boundaries for new ideas and concepts and hunts down relentlessly the answers to the questions, the dilemmas, and the work in hand. I trust her with my life she has turned my world around and made it easier, happier, more peaceful and more productive. She is like a guru, a goddess and an Oracle all rolled into one. If you haven’t got Beth in your life then get to it, life-changing.

Ciara Redican

Beth has a genuine zest for life and oozes positivity

I’ve known Beth for many years and although we lost touch for a while we are well and truly back in touch now!!!! Beth has a genuine zest for life and oozes positivity. She is enormously capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to. She shows everyone kindness and understanding. Most importantly, she has a wicked sense of humour.

Sarah Hellis

She’s an amazing lady that’s always there for others

I’ve known Beth for several years in a personal and professional capacity. She is a wonderfully positive and caring person. Her energy and zest for life are so inspiring, whatever struggles come her way she will find a way to power through (and looking fabulously stylish to boot!!) She’s an amazing lady that’s always there for others and I’m so looking forward to reading her forthcoming book. Go girl!

Michelle Jefferys

I love her vibrant energy and positive mindset

I first met Beth many years ago and we have always kept in touch. I love her vibrant energy, positive mindset and this consistency in building her brand and herself! But what I really LOVE about this lady is how she has, despite so many life curveballs, bounced back and risen higher. I can’t wait to read your book and watch you inspire hundreds of women to be happy! Xx

Rebecca Green

She is beautiful inside and out and such a positive ray of sunshine

Beth and I met about 3 years ago, and I became a customer of hers, and as a result, became a personal friend. Beth’s zest for life, compassion towards others and relentless drive to make the world about her a better place are unparalleled – she is beautiful inside and out and such a positive ray of sunshine, it’s a pleasure to spend time with her. She has a strong and fearless business mind, and an iron-strong will to succeed! xx

Cathy Mosley


Beth is a life saver

Beth is a life saver. I’ve known her in a professional capacity for 3 years now. She also does an incredible moving in service. This includes everything from making lists of suppliers for skip removal firms to unpacking and keeping you calm the other end. For someone who works full time, this is an awesome service. Boy does she work hard! x Thanks my lovely lady. x

Dr Victoria Manning

Clinical Director at River Aesthetics Ltd.

She is warm and friendly and I knew I could trust her to confide in

Beth has given me the name of a CBT councillor who can help me with my anxiety. I am so glad I met Beth – she is warm and friendly and I knew I could trust her to confide in and I knew she would be able to offer help and counsel.


Highcliffe, Dorset

Beth just has an eye for interior

I had just moved to a modern house and did not know how to furnish it. Beth took me to a shop and within half an hour we had spent a huge amount of money. Beth just has an eye and I am glad to tell you everything worked perfectly in my house. I could never have done that by myself.


St Albans, Hertfordshire

When I had lost my way and could only see the negative in everything Beth helped me

When I had lost my way and could only see the negative in everything, Beth handed me a copy of a special book which, in fact, I had been given years ago but had never read. It was the jolt I needed to make me re-read the book and turn my life around. I now view things more positively and my life is more calm and balanced.


Christchurch, Dorset

Beth helped me declutter my house and make it more saleable

Beth helped me declutter my house and make it more saleable – she even put sheet music on the piano to make it look like it was a happy home. Within two weeks we had an offer


Brockenhurst, Hampshire

I could not have sold my flat without Beth’s help

I could not have sold my flat without Beth’s help. I could not see I had a problem (but I could not sell my flat). Beth came in, moved stuff around and painted a few walls and hey presto, the flat was sold within a week.


Marlow, Bucks

Beth is a person who, if she says she will do something she does it

I have known Beth for about 5 years & first met her when we were looking for new skin care products for our clinic. Since then we have always had faultless service from her and her team. She is professional and honest in business and I always trusted her recommendations and our business has thrived with her advice and products. Staff are always a testament to a boss and all her staff had the same level of commitment and honesty as she has. Beth is a person who, if she says she will do something she does it. Aside from her drive and continuing desire to improve her business and service she always has a holistic side to her. She is interested in people’s lives and has a kindness and warmth that I can only think of a handful of people that I have come across, have. Even though I do not work with Beth now I would still call on her for help should I need to, and know she would give sound advice. I wish her well in the next step of her life.

Dr Ros Debenham

Radiance Medi Spa, Exeter, Devon

Beth reduced my paperwork into 3 neat files with labelled divisions and front index

My paperwork and things to do list had got seriously out of hand and I could spend days trying to condense all the various bits of information without making much headway. While visiting a friend and expressing my anguish of not being able to sort this problem she recommended Beth at The Lifestyle Concept. A week or so later I rang Beth and arranged for her to come to assess the problem. A date and time were set and Beth arrived full of cheer and energy to tackle the mountain of data. She worked tirelessly collating the information and reducing it into 3 neat files with labelled divisions and front index. I now have been able to move forward as have learnt how to make notes on my iPad as well as “to do“ lists so the information in one place instead of many bits of paper. Having had Beth’s help I now feel more in control and have time to actually have some fun.