About Us

what we do

I work with you to declutter your life

At our first session, we will set clear objectives about what you wish to achieve. I will then create a plan which will be agreed by both of us.

Systematically, we will work through each room, creating ‘piles’. These piles are then worked through, making it so much easier to declutter. The piles are as simple as Keep, Donate, Chuck, Sell. I will make the job easier by creating the piles for you and keeping track of what we have agreed needs to go where. I will then take the items for donating away with me, help you load up your recycling bins and will give you a list of apps and/or links of things I think you need that will help you moving forward.

Discovery Call

Our first step is to talk on the phone, via Whatsapp or video call, to discuss your challenges and how I could help.


Elevate your Life

I will help you elevate your life and allow you to be free of the clutter that holds you back. In turn, you will be clearer in your mind to plan your next moves, whatever they may be.

11 Week Programme

I will work with you over an 11-week period, broken down into eleven bite sized hours where we will focus on letting go of that which no longer serves you.

Real Results

The results will speak for themselves. I do like to complete a task though, and I am very thorough, so will leave no leaf unturned. I want to leave your space feeling calm and organised, with a place for everything and everything in its place. Items will be put in the most practical areas where they ‘should’ be so that things that you may find yourself losing, will suddenly be in the right place.

My Story

Meet Beth, Professional Organiser and Stylist

From a young age, I was good at organisation and was always able to easily let go. As a young woman, working as a PA for some demanding bosses, in London, I had to have a tidy desk to get anything done. I could not focus otherwise, and the same could be said for your home. Even if I had five bosses standing in front of me, all asking me to perform different tasks, with a tidy desk, I felt that nothing was unachievable.

In the last few years, I have had to ‘declutter’ my own life, not only understanding myself but learning how to control my cluttered mind! I know how a cluttered mind, can lead to physical clutter and the other way around. Life is full of ups and downs, but with a calm home, at least you have a peaceful base from which to contemplate your next move. As for lost car keys, those days are a thing of the past!

My Approach

I am here to do a good job for you, work hard, keep you focused and help you reach your goals. This does come with empathy and some lovely chats too. Often the whole process of letting go, is not just about tidying a drawer, but the energy around clutter and why we gather it.

My Unique Programme

I offer an eleven-week package – one hour per week. We will set clear goals and objectives; I will check in with you regularly and I will provide you with all the tools you need to get the job done. I will leave you with homework which I will ask to be done by my next visit. At each visit, I will ensure that the work we have done previously has not lapsed, and that you are happy maintaining your home, based on the principles, I have discussed with you, and we have agreed. My aim is to leave you in charge of your home, able to keep on top of your clutter and to never revert back to ways that were not serving you.