About me

Since I was a little girl I loved to declutter. You should have seen me on a Saturday morning! I would clean my bedroom and then go about re-arranging everything – the furniture, my posters (mostly of David Cassidy) and all my clothing, lining it up perfectly. And don’t get me started about lists!

So, it was only right and proper that, at the age of 16, I went to secretarial college and achieved various qualifications in Pitman shorthand, audio typing, typing and on top of that my O-Level in Law and Economics.

At the age of 18, I worked for a small local law firm and learned many new skills, for example how to write wills, prepare briefs for the court and how to type a very long document on parchment paper without making a mistake. No Tipp-Ex allowed!

A few years later I had an amazing opportunity to work for a local TV company TSW and worked my way up from Office Junior to PA to a member of the Board of Directors. Famous people like Gus Honeybun (he’s a rabbit of course for any of you from the South West), Fern Britton, Ruth Langsford and Angela Rippon would often pop into my boss’s office, and I had to meet and greet them as a blushing teenager. This made me grow up very quickly and working in such a demanding role was head-turning (but not in an Exorcist type of way!).

London beckoned at the age of 24 and I moved there, all independent, not knowing anyone. I was pretty determined to make it work but those first years were scary. Did I make a mistake? No, of course not. I worked for a property company, RTZ Group, Nato, an advertising agency (a bit like out of the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’) and HHB (a pro audio company). I then met my husband and moved to Los Angeles where he was based and worked with him as an office manager for the USA office. What an experience! Once you live abroad, especially in LA and the rock and roll industry, you never look back.

In 2002 I worked alongside my husband in our own business as UK Distributor for SkinCeuticals, the US skincare brand. We worked alongside L’Oreal from 2006 to 2013 and also took on some other skincare brands such as Medik8 and Revitalash. We had a successful business. It was perfect as I loved looking after my customers, training beauticians in skincare and I loved beauty products and aesthetics even more than that! My scariest moment? Talking to an audience of 200+ people at a major UK conference.  My best moment? Being trained in makeup by Kelly Morazzi who was the makeup artist and friend to Jude Law. Yes, seriously! She even wanted me to come and work on a film shoot with her.

In 2014 I moved to Dorset and left London for good after 21 years of living there. How was a city girl going to manage to live in Highcliffe?  This turned out to be a bit of a shock to me – good and bad. I opened a shop in Highcliffe, took on the high street alongside Mary Reader and others, litter picked and weeded (I have a thing about tidying up things) and painted a few bollards along the way to improve the look of the high street. Oh, and I was able to meet Mary Portas – how cool is that?

I see my life as an evolution and a learning curve and in 2017 I moved to Bournemouth as a divorcee and bought my own apartment by the sea, life changes but there is always good in any situation. It is a glass half full situation.