All that glitters is not gold

If you like jewellery (in other words you have the Magpie gene) then you probably have a lot of jewellery, much of which doesn’t actually get worn.


I used to have lots and was a fan of bangles. No more. I have just a few chosen pieces which I wear from time to time.


In order to make choosing a piece of jewellery that much easier, I suggest a jewellery declutter.


Firstly, separate into valuables and ‘play’ jewellery as one client calls the fun pieces


Be honest with and ask yourself, which pieces do you actually wear?


Give to charity or sell, those pieces that are uncomfortable to wear. Give away pieces that no longer represent you as a person. Keeping asking yourself, would I buy that now?


Less is definitely more on the jewellery front. Think Scandi style.  Jewellery should be an enhancement to an outfit; either subtle and sweet or bold and making a statement.