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Coping with ADHD

I was diagnosed with mild ADHD in March of 2020. It came as a relief as frankly speaking, I had always thought I wasn’t entirely normal! Ha ha. In truth, my ADHD had been well suppressed until my 40’s. However, throw into the mix my menopause and I had a challenge of a lifetime on […]

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Bye Bye Swanage

Just before Christmas and in the nick of time, so to speak, I finished the Swanage project. It had become my baby and I rather enjoyed going down to Swanage in the early hours to liaise with my client, living in Singapore. As a recap, I was contacted last year in the Summer, by a […]

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Take charge of your own health!

  Everyone is talking about Inflammation and the effect it has on our bodies.   Dr Paul Clayton is a leader in this area and talks about the effects of chronic inflammation in the body   Some of the common signs and symptoms that develop during chronic inflammation are listed below. Body pain, arthralgia, myalgia. Chronic […]

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