I love this saying, don’t you? I used to think change was a bad thing and I would shudder at the thought, even though my life did, in fact, throw up change all the time. In truth I felt more comfortable having everything in order with a reliable predictability that made me feel safe and protected. A job for life, same house, same routine and structure. It seemed all I craved.


Nowadays, it’s less so.  After all, spanners can be thrown into the works of our life at any time without our even seeing it coming. Look at this year for a prime example!


So, with that all said, do we think change is truly as good as a rest?


Change can seem scary and unsettling but actually once you slide into a more relaxed way of living where fluidity is part of your life, you will actually feel less stressed worrying about what ‘could’ go wrong.  Taking a different turn, is never necessarily a wrong turn, it’s just a different direction, and often that could take you on another path, one you would never have previously considered.


It’s actually quite liberating to feel as free as a bird and to have the world as your oyster. I even jest with people, if they ask me about an event next year, I say “Oh I am not sure as I could be scuba diving in the Bahamas.”  It may not happen, but it’s nice to think I have the flexibility in life, should I ever be given that opportunity.


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