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Declutter your clothes forever – A Wardrobe Full Of Clothes But Nothing To Wear?

Here are my top tips on how to declutter your wardrobe.

 Firstly, NEVER EVER  keep anything you don’t like anymore.  It’s just taking up space.  Put your clothing into colour order or, how I do it, is skirts together, in colour order, tops together, in colour order etc.

Every item in my wardrobe is “gorgeous” I simply do not have any clothes that do not make me feel special. That way, I would never be seen dead in anything other than clothing that is gorgeous – particularly handy when you run into that fella you have had your eye on, you will be confident knowing that you look amazing even if you have no make up on!

Don’t keep clothes that are too small for you or too big. Keep everything that looks and feels amazing and you will feel and look amazing too.

Wearing great clothes is worth its weight in gold.  Looking good starts with many things and of course, feeling good on the inside is the most important but I am a big fan of helping yourself too.

Do you want to make sure your wardrobe stands out? Do you want to look great and feel fantastic every time you get dressed? If so, then I can help!

I will come to your home, spend a morning with you, we will swiftly go through your wardrobe, tidying and sorting. I will remove anything you do not want and will sell it for you or simply drop off to the charity of your choice. I could even make you a tidy profit too.

Investing in yourself is worth it! What’s more, it will extend your wardrobe, free up space and make you feel great!

What’s not to love!

Tracey B x