I feel happy. I cannot deny it, but it’s taken years, six to be exact.  Six long years of self-reflection and healing.  It’s not been that pretty to be fair and often I have found that it’s not just a case of forgiving ‘someone else’ but forgiving myself for things I did not do so well.


Accepting what is done is done but learning from it is the key, alongside letting go of any anger or upset directed towards those who did you wrong or trying to justify what you did.


One of the best ways to forgive someone is to write them a letter. Not necessarily a letter you are going to send, but one where you put down exactly how you feel and what you would say if they were stood in front of you.


Once done, read it one more time and tear it up into little pieces and place into the sea or burn in your garden.  Never leave the letter in your home, this is about moving on and letting go.


Once you fully forgive someone for something the ‘thing’ just melts away and you find that life is so much happier. Once you forgive yourself, you are free to live your life


With Love