As a little girl, despite some challenging estuations, I always did see the bright side or at least, could see a bright future ahead. It kept me going.

As a young woman, new to London, in my twenties, even when times looked a little tricky, I had a magic tool at always at hand. My ability to think that “something will always turn up.” The thing is, something always did, with that mindset, I created opportunities that looking back, I could hardly perceive possible.

The thing is, as we age, we tend to lose that belief in life and often fear and worry replace the confidence we once had. I know that those strong beliefs left me for some years and I struggled to get them back, but get them back I have.

I truly believe that if you envision something is going to happen, even if it feels unfeasible, it is entirely possible to create the life you want.

Quote by J.M. Barrie: “I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!”


With love