Are you a Perfectionist?

Have you been someone who strives for perfection? I think many of us do, sometimes sublimely, it’s almost like we have been pre-programmed to strive for something that does not exist. Often it comes with a high price, a need to seek ‘nirvana’ at any cost, even often, at the sake of our mental health and wellbeing.

The thing is, we are not here to be perfect, we are here to learn that perfection is not a thing to be pursued. We are already perfect as we are, in whatever place we find ourselves.

A few years ago, a Nutritionist I was working with, June Butlin, gave me a book, it’s called “There’s Nothing Wrong with you” by Cheri Huber.

As she handed it to me, I laughed…of course, I had just been telling her how unperfect I was and how I felt not good enough and had to fix everything, including myself.

“You are already perfect” she said, as she handed me the book. I started to smile; of course I was. It didn’t matter where I was at the current time, the best thing I could do was to accept myself as I was, warts and all. Suddenly the penny dropped.

But where does this need for perfection come from? After all, you are not borne that way? Maybe your feelings of not being good enough comes from childhood, maybe you felt you never quite matched up to expectations. Perhaps, over time, you have put massive pressure onto yourself? I know that was in my case. I kept thinking that I wasn’t perfect enough (whatever perfect is). After all, what is perfect? To one person it could be good manners, morals and being a nice person, to another it’s about being successful and looking amazing. We tend to put massive pressures onto ourselves to be honest and that can never be a good thing in the long run. These pressures not only affect our brains but also, over time, our physical health too.

Does life have to be perfect?

Accepting yourself as you are, comes with age and once you learn to just ‘be’ then you are well on the way to becoming a very happy version of you.

With love