You may have heard the saying ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’.


If you think about it, it’s pretty true.  I recall as a child, I was particular about lining up my pencils, as an adult I find myself doing it randomly even as a form of ‘stress management.’ In my years as a PA it bore me in good stead, I was organised and on top of my game.


I was talking today to @josoley about Numerology and the power of numbers. Jo is great at keeping you on track, even if it’s a reminder of what year you are on and why things are the way they are.


As I reflected on my numbers and the guidance, they give me, it made me think about how I ‘show up’ in every area of my life.  For instance, if you were to say, be a pretty sloppy dresser, how do you think that would reflect in your other behaviours? Would you be as sloppy or maybe you are immaculate and detailed?


In truth our childhoods form who we are, our childhoods are our foundation, so if you find yourself doing something you have ‘always’ done then it is most certainly is the ‘formula’ that works best for you.


I have always been a controlled person or tried to be. That is, of course, half the problem, instead of ‘going with the flow’ I have worked my hardest to manipulate the situation, even trying to make someone happy when they so obviously don’t want to be! It can be so tiring to want to have so much control and often I feel like kicking back and saying, “oh well, what will be will be.”


In reality, one of my biggest learnings is to focus and do one thing at a time. That way, you reflect the best version of you rather than a mere glimpse of the potential you have.


How you do one thing, is most definitely a reflection of how you will show up in other areas of your life.


Something to think about right?


With Love


Tracy B