Fear is playing such a big part these days in everyone’s lives. I feel compelled to write about fear as much as possible


We all have fears. I have them too. There are things I want to do but my fear holds me back.


But there have been times when my lack of fear has propelled me forward.


At the age of 24 I moved to London from my small town.  I did not know that many people there, only 3 in fact, so the move felt daunting. I did not know London either.   This was like diving into the deep end of a swimming pool.  It was going to be a case of sink or swim.


My friends said I would probably be mugged, and the people were unfriendly? I laughed, I knew they were trying to warn and therefore, protect me.     My reply to them?  “Well, if I don’t like it, I will come home, but better to have given it a go.” The thing is, I could not worry about something I could not quantify or did not have any experience of.    To me these rumours about London were just hearsay and I was going to treat it as such.


Within months of moving, having spent weekend after weekend, walking around, I found myself in love with London and feeling confident, I must say.


I had never experienced any part of London that did not excite me, and fear never played a part, until one night where I could have allowed it to surface.


I found myself in a part of South London deemed ‘rough’. I did not know this at the time and so had no reason to worry.    I had met someone on holiday in Crete and we agreed to meet in a local pub. I was excited, this was a new area for me and a long tube journey from my North London abode. As I got to the tube station and walked up the busy high street, I realized that this area was rather different from the leafy suburb I came from and perhaps I should have my wits about me.  I continued to the pub and a nice time was had. Chucking out time came, and it was now past midnight. I had no option but to get the bus and that involved me walking up the street towards the nearest bus stop.


I suddenly realized that it was late, and I looked out of place, and I was on my own.  However, I forced myself to not worry and to simply keep smiling. I recall getting on to the bus, checking that I could get back to North London and climbing the stairs to the top deck.


You see I had nothing to fear but fear itself. Keeping my thoughts positive and focusing on the journey home, helped me to not heed the warnings of my friends.


If you find yourself fearful right now, take a step back and reflect, what are you really frightened of? Fear is predominantly in our minds and once you learn to master any fears you may have, your life will feel freer. I recommend Fear the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers. A life-transforming book if ever there was one.


With love