Many people talk about a healing journey. Often after a trauma, a marriage breakdown, or a loss of a loved one, healing can take a short period or maybe years. We all take our time to heal in different ways and in some cases, use different methodologies.

Many people I meet in the Dorset area have come here to be by the sea, to ‘heal’ if you like, or for a change of scenery and lifestyle. It truly is about quality of life these days.

In these days of our openly sharing our mental health issues and more and more people truly understanding the meaning of the words “Be kind”, it has never been more important to know that each of us, in their own way, is fighting a battle. I know that often those who look like the world is their oyster, are often secretly struggling with some internal struggles, brought on by loss and/or trauma or childhood issues, previously suppressed.

For some, it is a sense of shame that drives them further into despair when, in fact there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Healing is the only way we can move forward, so admitting you are struggling is the first step to healing. How many of us have, when asked how we are, respond with the words “I am fine.”

In my role as a professional declutterer, I often find that people like to share their stories with me in order for us to both understand the ‘why’ behind the clutter. There is no blame and there is no shame, for each of us heals in different ways and all of us react to things in a different way. Sometimes, in times of healing, there is a period of chaos and clutter can build up and that is where I come in.

I do not think there are any of us who want anything other than ‘harmony’ in our already chaotic lives. It is my true vacation and therefore my pleasure in

life, to help others move through some of the hardest times in their lives.

With love

Tracey B

The Lifestyle Concept

Helping you find inner harmony through decluttering