Many years ago, I found myself out of my comfort-zone. It made me feel uncomfortable, scared and totally on high alert/flight mode.  In fact, I spent twelve plus years of my life in that state. No wonder I came out of that period of my life in a bit of a state but also exhausted. Even my hair seemed to be overly frizzy!  My body was in state of shock and yes, trauma.  I was so out of my depth, I felt like a swan on the outside, whilst my legs were paddling away at 150 knots underneath the water!


I truly believe that we all have our limitations. Some people are born in a village and stay there, quite content to live a quiet life. There is nothing wrong with that.  Others want to climb Kilimanjaro or become a top City Trader. The choice is yours, but all choices should be coercion free and totally of your making, not someone else’s dream.


Our society today pushes us into believing that you are only a success if you step outside your comfort zone. But why? If it is going to stress you out, make you anxious and affect your life, your health, your relationships, and everything else in between, how can it be worth it? I know women who are stressed out of their minds in a high-powered job. the only question they ask themselves, is how further can I go? How much harder can I work to achieve what I want?


There comes a time when the work/life balance must be your priority. How stressed do you need to be to eventually say, “I have had enough?”


I never said I was done, I said I was fine.  I left it way too late.  Eventually I really was done, done in.  I had no more fuel in the tank.  I was exhausted.  That was 2014, it’s taken me years to recover.


There is a reason we have a comfort zone; it protects us and keeps us safe. We know that within that zone we are ‘okay’ and comfortable, before we step outside, check in with yourself, is this want you truly want?  Is this your dream or someone else’s?


Maybe you are perfectly happy just as you are? There is nothing wrong with that.  Life is for living not stressing.


With love