People often talk about living our best lives but what does that actually mean?


I have often said, over the last years, that I am living my best life but in truth, there is still so much more that I want. Of course, I am grateful for what I have now, but I have life plans and that means an even better life.  There is nothing wrong with wanting more, but the secret to wanting more is to be content with where you are now.


One of my biggest life hurdles has been to stop that awful back chat that told me I was not good enough. It’s not speaking out too much and I am grateful for that. That voice holds me back.

A few weeks ago, I attended a Holistic Fair in Poole.  At that event, there was a Manifesting workshop, something I have always been interested in and, indeed, there have been times when I have manifested both good and bad stuff into my life. The workshop was a Dream builder coaching workshop, asking you to imagine the life you want, in three years’ time. It was both an interesting and challenging exercise. When you are put on the spot and asked what you do want in three times, it’s easy to be vague. Maybe a nice house, a garden, a new job, but if you are not specific and drilled down into what YOU really want, how on earth can you achieve it? It’s a bit like asking a cake maker to make a ‘nice cake’ for your son’s birthday. How can she know what ‘nice’ means if you don’t know how to describe what it is you exactly want?


I have enrolled onto the course. Each week there is a meditation which you do every day with two lessons.  You are asked to create a Vision statement of your life in three years’ time. It needs to be so detailed that you can FEEL it. In other words, you are vibrating at the frequency of the dream. This stuff really works. You basically need to raise your energy and get into the vision like it’s a done deal.


I am three weeks into the programme but so far, so good.  I will keep you posted; you should hear what my wedding is going to be like! (er need to find myself a boyfriend first off though, I have skipped right over that bit)


With Love