A massive question this one, but one dear to my heart. How are you loved by those around you and how do you want to be loved?

Just this week I reflected on my 18-year marriage. I do not tend to dwell on the past, but I want to learn from what went before so that I can move into the future, hopefully into a new relationship.

What I deduced is that neither I, nor my husband loved each other in the ‘right’ way. What I mean by that is that we neither accepted each other as we were, without wanting to make tweaks.  For me, I felt loved for what I could bring to the party, rather than for being just me, with all the fun and frivolity that came with.

Team that up with a heavy dose of not loving myself, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

In truth, we can declutter every element of our lives, including what went before and right now, I have a clear vision of how I want to be loved in the future. How about you?


With Love