Is there a winning formula for a happy life?

My answer to that is yes but it’s not just one thing and takes a lot of inner soul-searching to find whatever it is you seek.

Me? I found my happiness by surrounding myself with friends who understand and love me and vice versa.  I found happiness in being responsible for my health, both mental and physical.  I found happiness in new experiences and hanging out with the right tribe. I found happiness in the simplest of things including long beach walks as opposed to buying ‘stuff’ I did not need.

We are inundated with messages about how we can become happier. Books flood the shelves, and every therapist, PT, Mentor, Guru, Psychiatrist & counsellor out there is talking about Mindfulness and how to find calm and how to live a fulfilled, happier, life!  If all these books worked, we would all be bouncing around like Tigger!

In truth, the harder you seek, the less likely you are to find.

That is why it is always best to do your own ‘analysis of self’ and find out what exactly it is you are lacking.  It takes a brave person to do this, often years of therapy are required to find out why you have a hole in the first place and then how to fill it, in a healthy way.

Here a few gems which have helped me –

Do not live in the past, nostalgia will only make you sad

Do not live in fear, fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and makes you sick

Forgive yourself and others who you perceived have wronged you

Do not regret, learn from your past lessons

Love yourself and others

Eat well, sleep well & exercise

Set your intentions every day

Say your gratitude’s & Affirmations every day

Dance & Sing like your life depended on it

Live in peace & harmony

And the best of all

Simply accept that to win at life, you must just be yourself

With Love