In the two years I have been doing my job, a job that I love…I never cease to be fascinated by the stories I hear that lead to clutter. It helps me understand my clients and their needs.

We all have clutter in one way or another, either hidden in a cupboard for no-one to see, or in the attic or maybe more openly, taking up valuable space.

For others, the clutter is in the mind, hidden from view, but still holding us back from where we want to be.

In most cases, clutter can hold you back either by taking up physical space or space in your mind.

Many years ago, I had a lot of clutter. It came in the shape of fluffy towels and perfection (from the outside) combined with much clothing, largely unworn, in sizes I would never get into again. And all because I wasn’t happy. I found my emotional release in clothing. It was a heady combination, not only did I like the walking around the shop, picking up items, I loved the full dressing room, and the trying on. Sometimes, I would spend hours, trying on items and finally leaving with a huge bag of goods, most of which would not be worn.

The guilt that ensued was unsurmountable and often I would simply shove bags to the back of my wardrobe.

Many of my clients struggle with clothing – it seems to be a common theme with women – but often there are other areas of clutter, including craft stuff and books.

Clutter can be caused by many different life events. A loss of a family member, a divorce, a separation, a chaotic childhood, a catastrophic life event, an inability to create order or possibly a serious mental health issue.

In all cases, it’s always good to get to the root cause of the clutter and we can work from there. If you want to move on from your clutter, you may well have to scratch the surface to understand why you have it and what methods and procedures you can bring into your life to help you find that much needed structure.

That is, quite simply, where I come in.

With love