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Being Authentic

I was recently engrossed in a book called ‘Authentic – How to be Yourself & Why it Matters’ by Professor Stephen Joseph. It is a real page-turner. There is a belief that if you are not ‘true’ to who you are, you are derailed and therefore will not be happy until you get back on track.

During our lockdown period, I have been wondering if many people out there who have considered their lives, their work/life balance and whether, they are in fact, on track on the path of their lives and are they being authentic?

You see, according to Professor Joseph, if you are not being authentic – in other words, true to yourself and your life vision, they you are off the tracks. A bit like a train where it derails. It may well be that right now, you feel derailed, but perhaps you are reading this and considering that you could be making plans to shake up your life and get it back on track.  Perhaps you have heard yourself say yes to something when inside, there’s a voice screaming out No!

According to this awesome book, did you know that we have the need to be the agent of our own destiny, free to choose our own path without feeling controlled? We also need a sense of belonging – we need connection and attachment. We are social creatures which has made Lockdown so very hard for so many.

A few years ago, I was still being inauthentic. I was asked to do a talk but instead of doing the talk I wanted to do, to openly share my story, I literally told a lot of jokes and didn’t really say what I wanted to say!

Having worked hard to ‘declutter’ my negative thoughts I now live the life I want to lead, an authentic one, which, in turn, makes me very happy.


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