I am a big book fan. I like the look of them and always incorporate them into any house move so that they look their best. They have played a massive part in my life – from early childhood when I sat under the apple tree in my hometown in Cornwall to later years where they have been my solace, my support and my lifeline with their wise words or simple escapism.
I think there are a variety of ways you can use them to their best advantage and often it’s not about trying to find the time to read, it’s about incorporating books in the easiest way possible into your life.  Nowadays audiobooks make ‘reading’ more accessible, after all, with the technology we have these days, they can be played through your speakers in the car while driving to school or work, and some can even be a great learning tool for your little ones too.
I have just a few audiobooks but enough that I have every subject covered.  I recently visited a life coach in London and asked him outright which book, if any, he would recommend reading.  His immediate answer was ‘Why Do I do that?‘ by Joseph Burgo, Ph.D.  Although I’m only partly through the book yet I already abundantly flagged up pages that resonate strongly with me.  Sometimes it’s just a case of flagging up a short paragraph that resonates with you and mulling over it.  There’s no need to plough through the book if you don’t have the time.  I wonder if this statement from the book resonates with you?
If you rely upon repression or denial to cope with intense feelings, you may have excluded those feelings from awareness and see yourself as a very calm, unflappable sort of person.  Maybe you’re always on an “even keel” with no horrible lows but without any wonderful highs either. People who repress their feelings tend to repress the entire spectrum of emotions, not just one or two of them.  If your life seems ‘flat’ or you’re often bored, repression may be at work.  If your approach to life is highly logical, with little room for emotion, ask yourself where will your feelings have gone.  Because emotion is the life-blood of all interpersonal relationships, you may find yourself isolated, feeling out of touch with the people you know, whether they are friends, colleagues or romantic partners. 

I find this very interesting.  I have always been an emotional person and I cry at the sign of John Lewis Christmas advert, but in truth, have hidden those true emotions and sadnesses which should have been shared and brought to the surface.  Do you remember when the darling Prince Harry said a few years ago how suppressing the sadness he felt when his mum died affected him later in life when his hidden feelings burst ‘like a volcano’ and came flooding out of him?  I think we could all relate to this.

Over the last four years, I have looked deeply into the depths of ‘me’ to find out what makes me tick and why I do and have done things in the past and now.  It’s fascinating stuff, once you stir the pot, you suddenly realise that you’re not going mad and you’re not unique or unusual. You’re only human and all your emotions are normal reactions to events in your life.  The newest knowledge I discovered is fascinating to me – it’s that with our ‘ordinary’ human needs we long for contact with others, we crave physical closeness and intimacy, we wish for friends and desire sex.  When we get what we need we may feel happy and gratified, but when we don’t, it might make us feel sad, lonely or frustrated.  And if we’re unbearably frustrated, it might stir up anger, resentment or even hatred.  Developing a sense of personal worth involves feelings of pride, a sense of integrity and well-being that leads to contentment with oneself and one’s world.  Strong self-esteem also links to happiness and fulfilment.  The alternative, ‘shame’, is one of the most deeply painful feelings.

I’m a big believer in having good self-esteem and self-worth.  You hear those words bandied around but the truth is that self-esteem keeps our standards high and helps us make the right decisions.  It all goes back to being ‘Authentic’ versus ‘Inauthentic’.  When you have low-self esteem you make decisions that on reflection were probably not the best, leading you to lead an inauthentic life.  Believing in yourself and your values will lead you to a happy life as that YES will be more often a NO – and hurrah to those NOs!
My books, just like these, have kept me on track in my quest for ‘Destination Happy’.  I started with ‘The Secret’ which a lot of people talk about.  I personally love it and it’s still my first go-to book if I need a pick-me-up.  For me, it was the first eye-opener on how my thoughts dominate my life and it really made me sit back and think “umm”…I need to change my thoughts.
I have a few books that I like the best and am happy to share my knowledge. For more information on what I do please go to – https://thelifestyleconcept.co.uk/services, or contact me at tracey@thelifestyleconcept.co.uk, Tel. +44 (0)7932 945738.
With love always,
Tracey B x