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Boscombe rules

Boscombe rulesBOSCOMBE RULES

As some of you know, I live in Boscombe. Sometimes, depending on whom I am talking to, I say I live by Boscombe Chine Gardens. If I mention Knyveton Road, everyone reminds me it used to be full of prostitutes! I don’t think it’s actually changed, oh dear.

But here is my take on life/people and where we live.  We cannot live in a sanitized society, neither should we.  Areas like Boscombe have a bad reputation not helped when a young man at a Darren Brown show, said that the worst place he could imagine being right then was “Boscombe”.  With my ‘Giver head’ on, I knew, right then, that I would end up living there.  Someone has to, right?  And what’s not to like? I’m a 10-minute bus ride into Bournemouth, close to the vibrant Lansdowne which, in the next year, is going to be so buzzing with all the students. I’m a seven-minute walk to the beach and I have Urban Reef on my doorstep along with the O2. Actually, I tell people I live near there, that never fails to impress!

My London friends come down and are ‘blown away’. They don’t see the ‘other side’ of Boscombe but even if they did, they would be used to it – welcome to London!  I recall Brixton being similar to Boscombe many years ago, and look at it now!

I used to live in the USA, in fact, in Venice, CA. That’s why I love Boscombe, it reminds me of Venice.  You could not move without a homeless or drunk/drugged person walking up the street. I got to know most of them and would wave and say Good Morning in my best British accent. They used to shout out “Heh, it’s the English lady”. I rather liked it.  Those homeless would be ‘moved on’ from Beverley Hills or Santa Monica so it was rather ironic that Venice got such a bad reputation. I loved it there though. It was edgy and exciting with the coolest bars.

8 Simple Steps to improve Boscombe and Bournemouth

My advice on how to improve Boscombe and places like it in the Bournemouth area and, in fact, the whole of the UK, is to simply get on with the ‘regeneration’. Tidy up those buildings (or knock them down and start again), sweep those streets, jet-wash the pavements, encourage families to come back to the area, keep the house prices low and affordable, keep the parks nice, provide a good safe shopping environment and provide some great bars and restaurants. Rest assured; the area will turn around overnight, you just need to accept that ALL the people cannot be segregated as this leads to anti-social behaviour. I take San Francisco as a prime example. I love that city, in fact, it’s the place I would move to in a second.  When you go there, homeless folk are everywhere, at night you can hear shouts and screams but everyone takes it in their stride. That’s what we need to start doing, just ‘accepting’. Hear, hear BCP Council, we would like some action here in Boscombe please when you have a minute!

As for me and what can I do?  I got heavily involved in Highcliffe and it nearly took my life and soul.  The only person who needed fixing was me!  And I have done that now, but what I can do is help local people who need my help to declutter and let go; and that is what I will be doing shortly, doing a mail drop in the area, on my own, combining walking and work!

What do you think can the council do to improve your area? Would be great to see more people getting involved in improving the looks of our roads and high streets.

With love,

Tracey B x