I meet so many incredibly inspiring people in my industry, some of whom, have undergone some real hardships.


In all cases they are to be admired, after all, if you have had to constantly pick yourself up over and over then you have an inner strength, a strength that will have kept you on the straight and narrow.


In fact, I was with a lady the other day, she told me her story and I congratulated her on her strength to keep on going despite adversity. She told me about her two daughters’ who have grown up strong and confident; thanks to her guiding and nurturing ways, she had been able to help them in their own lives.


Having attended the Landmark Forum course in 2018 and 2019, I can honestly say it was a wakeup call for me.  There was not one person who had not gone through trauma in their life, a trauma that had caused immense pain.  However, in all cases, they were fighting back, attending courses like Landmark to heal their wounds and to help them understand the ‘why’.


In truth, there is no reason why one person sails through a life and another struggles, but it is true to say that life is a massive learning and in my older years I have come to realize that every curve ball thrown my way, is another lesson which I try to handle with grace and strength. I find it causes me less strain to understand that bad stuff does happen, but it’s how you handle it, which counts.


Bouncing back immediately is not always an option but just as long as every day gets brighter and brighter; that’s progress you can celebrate.


You are stronger than you know and a better person for it.


With Love