Just before Christmas and in the nick of time, so to speak, I finished the Swanage project. It had become my baby and I rather enjoyed going down to Swanage in the early hours to liaise with my client, living in Singapore.

As a recap, I was contacted last year in the Summer, by a potential client, who lived in Singapore. She had a house in Swanage and needed ‘someone’ to declutter it for her. Albeit from a distance of many thousands of miles and via Zoom. It was a challenge but one I felt I could handle.

Over the next few months, I would ‘meet’ my client remotely via zoom and I would declutter each part of the house, room by room, starting in the kitchen. The house had to be decluttered to the point that it was suitable for Air B&B and that meant leaving the house free of personal effects and the like.

The highlight was bringing a 1970’s vintage swivel chair down from the loft and finding myself wedged, holding the chair, balancing on the steps with my hand trapped by the loft door!  It was one of those ‘moments’ which will be forever lodged in my mind. Perseverance does always work and after a series of tugs, the chair came down all in one piece!

In the last week, I worked alongside Easy Storage Dorset who helped with the final stage of wrapping up everything carefully and putting it in to storage. I chose to work alongside a smaller, father and son team who I knew would work with me effectively and professionally to get the job done to the client’s satisfaction. It worked a treat. I am all about forming partnerships and working with others.

Sometimes, when something seems impossible it probably isn’t and my client’s faith in me and my abilities allowed me to achieve a project which, on engagement, seemed rather challenging.

It has given me the confidence to move my business forward in a different area, one that I would never envisioned previously.

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.


With Love

Tracey B