As we all know, life is full of ups and downs – it is not meant to be plain sailing – it’s all about how we handle the “downs” that grow and define us.

From a young age, we are conditioned to achieve a set of goals (which in turn will make us happy). We are told we will be happy when we graduate from
school, we get to go to college or university, we get an amazing job, we get the
partner of our dreams, the house and car of our dreams, the holidays, the
children, the grandchildren. But along the way the sailing may not be so
smooth – in fact, it is a fact that how we deal with all the events in our life –
both the good and bad – can set the tone for the rest of our lives. So if we go
through life tripping and falling and eventually not being able to get up then
you need to control of your own life and reclaim what is rightfully yours – JOY!

If we struggle to let go – we feel ultimately out of control and when we feel
out of control we form bad habits and we gather. We nest, we surround
ourselves with things, possessions, stuff, that makes us feel safe. We nurture
all the memories both the good and the bad. What we ultimately do is
become slaves to them. When that happens the control that we so crave turns
in on us and we start to feel out of control and overwhelmed.

But what about you could let go of it all? Downsize, de-clutter, restyle your
wardrobe your hair, your life, lose weight, drive a new car, tip your life upside
down, shake it all about and invent a new life? Become the best version of

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