At the beginning of this year I felt the need to declutter my entire home; it felt an immense task, but my main question was how to commence Operation Declutter Bedroom?  My bedroom was my priority.


You see, it didn’t really look like it needed decluttering.  The walls were painted a nice colour, nothing was broken as such, but I could not put my finger on it, I wanted to change the energy. In fact, a tenant had recently left my property and I felt like the whole place needed a change, but my bedroom wasn’t working for me.


declutter bedroom 2


My first job was to create mood boards for each room but for my bedroom I wanted it to be extra special.  I wanted new colours and a less cluttered bedroom. I recommend pulling together a mood board either from Pinterest or by creating your own on Canva.  Images can be pulled from Pinterest and placed on a Vision/Mood board.  It’s a great way to keep your eye on the goal and how you want your decluttered bedroom to look.


For Operation Declutter Bedroom I could see there were three main areas that needed to be addressed.


Firstly, the carpets were worn and covered in make-up. I confess I am messy when it comes to getting ready to go out, often accompanied by music, I can get a bit carried away!  After five years the carpets need replacing. I chose a light colour – quite a risk given my make-up chucking ways, but I wanted to make the room lighter and brighter and to put the emphasis and therefore, some pressure, back on me to keep the carpet clean!  Not only the colour of the carpet was important, but it also had to feel good when I stepped onto it.  After all, your home is ideally your castle, a place of calmness and a place to feel ‘at home’ whatever the size and whether it’s yours or not. After all, no-one actually ever owns their home forever, do they?  Whatever your circumstances, it’s still your home.


Secondly, I wanted the walls to reflect an inner peace and softness.   Pink is the colour of love – it is connected to the heart chakra. I decided to go for a soft blush pink full of warmth. I now not only feel cosy and safe, I feel loved, nestled in the embrace of the soft hues.


Feng Shui tells me that my bed should be to the further corner of the room. As I need help to achieve that I am asking a friend who painted the room for me, to help me move the furniture to the far end of the room.  A heart which lights up is going up and a print of the entire play Romeo & Juliet…will go above my bed.  In addition, I have put crystal hearts of green and pink into my love corner (following Feng Shui principles here).


My dresser housed several items I no longer required, so I was strict and went through and decluttered the excess. Lipsticks I did not like, hair bands never worn, sunglasses never touched. We all have clutter, even if it’s just in the form of bits and bobs and I was surprised how much I had. Unused make up attracts bacteria, so get rid.  Even bobbly socks can be given to recycle the material.


There was just one final thing that had to change; to complete Operation Declutter Bedroom, there was a very large piece of furniture that towered over me (or at least it felt like that). My wardrobe is larger than life and felt like it was pinning me to my bed.  Sometimes I would wake and feel claustrophobic. It had to go from my bedroom but not from my life.


Then I had a genius thought, why not put the large wardrobe into the spare room?


It is working out brilliantly. My clothes are in my spare room, which is now, in turn, my ‘dressing room’, my bedroom feels spacious, easy on the eye and not at all cluttered and yes, you guessed it, I am sleeping better than I have ever done.


A change of colour, and a wardrobe moved.  Operation Declutter Bedroom is complete.


I hope you like.


Love Beth