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Declutter help?

Declutter help?

Do you need declutter help? And if you think you do, what, indeed, is it I can do for you?

The thing is, I can do a lot, but it takes a strong person to make the call in the first place and in the words of many of my clients ‘admit defeat.’

I love decluttering and over many years have learned to simply let go of that which no longer serves. It holds you back, makes you feel disorganised, causes chaos for all members of the family, and tiggers financial strain as items are rebought because they have been lost.

‘Declutter help’ can be hard words to say and even harder to ask. I am often called when things have gotten on top of the person who needs the help. I always say there is no shame and I’m not there to judge only to help.

Declutter help?

As part of my services, I help my clients decide what can stay and what must go

I take any items donated to the charity shop *

* This is often my client’s favourite part of what I do. A sticking point for many is getting the items to be donated, out of the door. Good intentions are often in place but life gets in the way and bags of charity shop donations gather. That’s why it works brilliantly that I drop things at the charity shops, a win/win for all concerned.

Declutter help?

I take items away for recycling

I come with a labeller and even ideas where pictures can go and love working with both my drill and Command Strips!

I also help with putting like with like and helping you find potentially better areas for things in the home. For instance, today, I worked with a client who had books in various places, not only upstairs, but in the family room and in the hall. We simply decluttered the books in the hallway, then moved all the other books into the bookcase. Immediately everything felt calmer and more organised.

Declutter help is available to anyone who feels it’s time to let go. Even if the task ahead of you seems insurmountable, there will be someone who can give you a helping hand and encourage you to be as decluttered as you want to be.

Once you get to that place you will never turn back as you will find yourself calmer and happier at home and even start inviting friends and family over.