I believe your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place of calm sleep and respite from a weary day/life.


But all too often, our bedrooms can become a den of chaos, filled with too many clothes, make up, too many plugs and wires (which should never be in the bedroom) and too much of everything.


I know, myself, that my bedroom can become overcrowded, especially if I don’t put things away (or have a mad few moments) and clothes get discarded on the “floordrobe”.


How many times have you quipped “I need to declutter my bedroom!” only to look around in despair as to where to start.


First off, look around. As you know by now, I am a fan of the mantra, a place for everything and everything in its place. Does everything in your bedroom belong in your bedroom?


  • For instance, if you have cups, plates or anything ‘food’ related, those need to go back into the kitchen.
  • Remove any wires, technical ‘gear’ or anything that can be construed as being computer or phone related and find a place more suited to this kind of clutter. I have a box with all my plugs and wires in and it is in the living room in a cupboard.  If I ever need a plug, I know where to find them.  Buzzing technology in your bedroom is not conducive to a good night’s sleep, any expert will tell you that so be mindful to remove as much as you can and not to sit on your computer minutes before your bedtime.
  • Remove any packaging, boxes or similar, for recycling, and if you have clothes to be returned to an online retailer, then put them into the living room for you to sort out later.


Now, here’s the hard part, the actual declutter.


Make-up is a good one to start with. If you are someone who likes make-up (and let’s face it, make-up is hard to avoid these days), perhaps you may find that you have too much. I am ruthless with scaling down my make-up and here is what I do…


Firstly, I remove every bit of make-up I have and place it on a towel to avoid dropping any product anywhere. I then ask myself which of the products I cannot live without. I am a fan, for instance, of a certain eyeliner I have. I have used the same brand for over 15 years! So that goes back into the make-up container. I then apply this thinking to every item. I often check the colours as I am going along asking myself if I still like the colours or even if they suit me. It is easy to buy the wrong colours and find yourself keeping something just for the sake of it. Once I have brought my make-up choices down to a much smaller choice, I clean my unit and put back. I favour the make-up tray from IKEA. It fits in your drawer (or on top of the table) and has sections for everything. Please remember that make-up can harbour bacteria, so if anything has been kicking around for a few years, it might be time to chuck out.


Keep chanting to yourself, I need to declutter my bedroom, honestly, it will keep you going.


Next is clothing, probably the biggest source of stress in any woman’s bedroom. I am a fan of keeping clothing to a minimum and only having on your rail things you like. Every item I have is loved. Every item suits me. Every item makes me feel great and I would buy it again.  I do have a couple of ‘need to lose some weight before I can get into this’, but I only have a few. If you have many items that do not fit you, then it is time to let go. It is a case of being honest with yourself and only having realistic sizing and things that make you feel zingy when you wear them in your wardrobe. A few years ago, I had too many clothes. They used to overwhelm me. I felt ‘lost’ and could never find anything to wear. I did not know my style or what colours suited, so had a mishmash of clothing that did not make me happy. It would take me hours to dress, trying on this top with that top. It got stressful. Not only that, but the clothes took up way too much room and I felt overwhelmed by the choice and the fact that my wardrobe was so packed, I couldn’t enjoy what I had.


Since having my clothes and my style done, I now have a chic wardrobe full of clothes that make me happy, and I do not waste as much money on clothing as I did.  Of course, you can always sell any unwanted clothing online too. I always aim for a 50/50 split between selling and donating to charity.


Every item in your bedroom needs its own place. So ideally, clear as much as you can from the surface of your dresser and only have out some pretty things. Mine has a few crystals and some candles, along with my favourite perfumes and my jewellery sorter from Stackers.


On my wall I have calm pieces of art (I have a heart that lights up) and things that create a calm ambiance.


When you say to yourself, I need to declutter my bedroom ask yourself does my bedroom look like a nice place to sleep in?


If it doesn’t, then maybe it’s time to declutter your bedroom and give yourself a good night’s sleep.


With love