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Declutter Wardrobe

Declutter Wardrobe

There is only one way to declutter your wardrobe. And that is to be honest with yourself about the clothes you have, determining what you love and what you can say goodbye to.

How many times have you googled declutter wardrobe? I bet you wondered if there was someone who could help you. The answer is yes, there is, me!

Declutter Wardrobe

In fact, truth be told, I love to declutter your bedroom wardrobe more than any other room in the house. As someone who previously had a ‘thing’ about clothes and used to proclaim that every day was a ‘shopping day’ it’s nice to help others let go of clothes that no longer suit, fit, or do anything for the wearer. I have less clothes than I have ever had but I dress easily and more successfully than I ever did.

So what are the techniques to declutter wardrobe?

  1. Empty said wardrobe until it is clear of everything and that includes shoes, handbags, belts, scarves, and anything else hidden within its depths
  2. Put like with like – trousers with trousers, shirts with shirts, dresses with dresses, until everything is ‘organised’ into piles
  3. Systematically go through each pile asking yourself the questions –

Does it fit me?
Does it suit me?
Would I buy it now?
Does it make me feel great whenever I wear it?
Do I love it (this is the most important one to me, if you don’t love something that you put onto your body why are you wearing it)?
Is it damaged, faulty, holey, old-looking (seen better days)?

If you have items, you are not sure about, put them to one side and try them on.

Systemically put back each item you are keeping back, putting into either colour order or ‘item’ order. I prefer a bit of both, categorized by item (i.e. knits with knits) but I then put them into colour order.

Declutter Wardrobe

If you have items un-worn and you feel guilty about letting go, put them to one side, and sell them through @vinted or similar app or website. Alternatively put them with a dress agency who may be able to give you some return on your investment. Please be aware you will never make as much money as you think you may make so be prepared to accept what you get.

I am a fan of donating to the charity of your choice. There are so many who shop regularly in charity shops because they must. Finding the generosity within you, to let go, is one of the most rewarding things ever, particularly when you imagine the face of the person finding your unworn item and feeling like they have bagged themselves a bargain. ?

Declutter Wardrobe

A Fifty-fifty split seems fair to me when it comes to the wardrobe declutter. Fifty percent to be given to charity and fifty percent to be potentially sold.

Be realistic when it comes to your clothing. If something only cost you £5 it is not going to make much money and if it only makes you £3 and it’s taken you ten minutes to upload, you may find you are out of pocket. In fact, in some cases, you will be out of pocket as your time is worth something.

Declutter Wardrobe

Clothing does not need to overwhelm you or fill your wardrobe. If you love clothing then treat your clothes with the love they deserve, declutter your wardrobe so you can see each item clearly and make dressing to go out a piece of cake.