I decluttered my Inbox the other day. Gosh it felt good. How did you do it I hear you ask?

  • I unsubscribed from every company I don’t recall subscribing to in the first place. I did a search, clicked on unsubscribe, then deleted in bulk all their emails
  • I blocked all those annoying sites who have found my email address and again, I deleted, in bulk, their emails
  • I read anything that needed to be read and either a) filed it or b) deleted it
  • I created files for all my work stuff and all my personal stuff


My Inbox is now my ‘To do list’. All emails are to be actioned and/or read.  I binned all unwanted emails and disengaged from anyone I no longer wanted to hear from.  I even disengaged from some clothing sites whose offers may tempt me too much!  I admit it, my clothing ‘thing’ was starting to rear its head, no longer getting emails from various companies stops me being tempted.

My brain feels calm, and I feel just a little bit more ‘on top’.  It’s a great feeling and I thoroughly recommend it. Apart from anything else the very process is rewarding, especially if you love a bit of #hyperfocus from time to time.

With Love