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Declutter your Mind – discover the benefits of Numerology

I’m a big fan of being happy. It really is a great way to be!  Okay, you can’t be happy all the time but if you are anything like me, I used to bounce off the walls like Tigger, only to hit rock bottom like Eeyore on a regular basis. It was exhausting.


In 2014 I decided to put an end to this yo-yo/see-saw type of life. I decided to declutter every element of my life to find that elusive happy vibe that I knew was deep within me. I have used a number of ‘tools’ if you like to find out more about the inner ‘me’ which I felt was key to feeling happier.  One of my favourite tools is Numerology.


Have you ever heard of Numerology? It was invented by Pythagoras and it is still used in schools today, but I had never studied it as a way of understanding your life and what makes you tick.  Until now that is.


I am always wanting to know more and more about myself.  Numerology looks at your life path, your destiny number, your soul number, our current name number (so yes, if you change your name, you change the way you are seen by the World). It is really interesting stuff even if you do it more out of a sense of curiosity.


For more information about this fascinating subject I recommend who specializes in business Numerology or for a different, more spiritual take, I recommend Michelle Buchanan’s book available from @Amazon which helps guide you through the process.


If nothing else, it’ll fill a few days and you may well find yourself hooked.


With love



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