Declutter Your Mind, Life & Home

To declutter your mind is probably one of the most satisfying things you can do. After all, we came into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing.  However, as humans we seem to gather more and more stuff most of which is not required surplus to requirements and takes up room. We tend to cling to things that bring back memories but I always think those memories should be safely ensconced in your brain.  

When you declutter your mind, and your home, it makes room and brings calmness and order to your life.  No-one wants to feel overwhelmed but often it is hard to let go. This is where I come in – I have a good aesthetic eye, a gentle tongue, an empathetic ear, and a hard-working ethic to helping you to let go and move on.

My Declutter Journey

I have a story to share which may show you how it can be done even when it’s hard. Recently, I had to downsize from a three bedroom house with a garden to a two bedroom apartment. I have had to let go of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery, bedding, plants, vases, pots, ornaments, prints, object d’art and even a glitter ball!

Did I find it hard? Yes, I did. Mainly because I liked everything and could have given you a reason why I needed to keep it, but the truth is I do not have the room. So what I did instead was take photos of everything so I will always have a memory.  Not only that, I was able to sell a lot of possessions too which is great as that means I can now buy some lovely pieces for my new home. I will let you into a truth. Once I had let go, I could not even tell you what I had gotten rid of. It simply fades from your memory as it is simply ‘stuff’.

That does not mean that some stuff is not important. I love lighting, mirrors, candles, diffusers, cushions too. They are the essentials that turn a house into a home and add the soft touches that are both stylish and comfortable and welcoming. Do not be afraid to keep what you really love but be brave and let go of what holds you back.  I can help you to declutter your mind, your home, and help you to let go, and move on. So get in touch!

With love,

Tracey B x

The Lifestyle Concept