When you talk about decluttering, the very word conjures up an image of less is more (which is right) but when you put it alongside home styling there can be confusion? Can the two go together? They certainly can, especially with my decluttering & home styling tips.

As someone who enjoys both home styling and decluttering, I know for sure that there’s certainly a correlation.
Decluttering to me is about fine-tuning what you have in your home and then carefully selecting the pieces you want to keep and maybe a few new bits too, in order to bring a sense of calm to your home. After all, the saying “Home is where the Heart is” is so true. Don’t be afraid to bring a sense of you into your property, otherwise you will be left with a cold shell of a home and not a home at all! Show home style is great – my home is a bit like that – but I like to think people can come, kick off their shoes (or even keep them on as I’m not bothered either way), have fun and enjoy the space. I certainly love my home and whenever I come into my apartment I breathe a sigh of relief!


Here’s an example of how I tackle my clothing. I don’t have a massive amount of clothes but what I do have makes me feel fabulous! There isn’t one single item which I don’t like and if I don’t like it, it’ll go.  After all, what I bought last year on a whim might quite frankly look dreadful on me now. My golden rule for clothes is this; I look at my wardrobe and every single item. I think to myself “What if you had as much money as you wanted to spend on clothes, would you buy this item right now?”. If it’s a ‘no’, it’s thrown out before I can think about it again. Is it a charity shop gift or can I sell it? If I think I can get some money for it, I pop it on Vinted, one of my favourite selling sites. I also highly recommend a colour consultation so you know which colours suit you and there aren’t nasty errors lurking in the wardrobe. Not everyone suits black you know!


When it comes to books, and I love books, I have a golden rule too. I read a fictional book and then I’ll give it to charity. I like to think of someone else enjoying a jolly good read. The personal development, and other reference books, are kept firmly on my bookshelf and will accompany me to my last days. I have a beautiful book of Kings & Queens of England, and a book of phrases and quotes, as well as a lot of ‘self help’ books, for want of a better word. Trust me when I say they’ve helped me out of some sticky times in my life and often with some ‘light bulb’ moments. If you have a lot of books, put the ones you’d really like to keep to one side (these are the important ones) and give the rest to charity. I even have an old ‘Winnie the Pooh’ book which I fondly keep and which reminds me of my childhood.


Now, when it comes to papers and files, I only keep what I absolutely need. I regularly go through my receipts and get rid of them as there’s really no need to keep them past the ‘return date’, is there? If you’d like shred them for security reasons. The same applies to bank statements, these can be shredded after a while. In terms of filing, I love to use ring binders or simply purchase a small unit from Ikea – no need for a massive filing cabinet unless you have a) the room and b) plenty of papers to file. If you had a business and it’s long been closed, you only keep papers up to seven years, past that you can shred them. If you have to keep them, you can always hire a small storage unit like I’ve done for my shop paperwork at A-Storage in Charminster. That way you know everything is safe and sound. I also use the storage for other things like my Christmas tree and hundreds of baubles (I do love a bauble or 50!).


I can help you with every element of your decluttering process!


In my lifetime I’ve moved over ten times. I’ve let go of sad things, happy things and just things. After all, we arrive with nothing, and we leave with nothing, but along the way we seem to accumulate a lot of stuff.  If you just keep the ‘great’ stuff and create a home with all the pieces that make you happy, smile and bring joy into your life then that can only be a good thing. My biggest things I’ll let go? Well, that only happened recently. I gave away most of the content of my shop in Highcliffe and, at the same time, most of my beautiful furniture and possessions from my home in Lymington. The image of two men walking out with a sofa for £50 that had cost £1,800 is one that I’ve had to let go. It’s a sofa, it’s a thing, made of material.  It’s not me, it’s not my heart or soul. It made me happy for a while it served itspurposee but I don’t think about it anymore (unless I’m writing a blog) and then I have a think! 🙂


The image at the top shows my lovely uncluttered home and how annoyingly organised I am. Oh, I make no apologies! This organised minimalist side of me helped me through life and, as I learned on a recent Landmark Forum course, my decluttering and home styling skills have been my ‘Formula for Success’ – not a bad formula! It’s kept me out of mischief and made me happier in my life.


Contact me to find out how I can help you declutter, re-style and move on in the most spectacular way, helping you to make you and your home the best versions they can be.


With love,


Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant