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Decluttering Ideas

decluttering ideas

Every time you switch the TV on nowadays or pick up a magazine there are more and more ideas about how to declutter or the benefits and umpteen Decluttering ideas…you cannot get away from them.


However, as a Declutterer myself, something I have done easily as a child and more recently in a professional guise, I will always suggest keeping decluttering ideas simple.  There is no need to bog yourself down with books and ideas a plenty. What you have to ask yourself is are you actually committed to decluttering and, if so, which of the decluttering ideas, appeals to you.


In my four years in the industry I have come to realise that the simplest methodology works the best. In other words, practice what you are about to preach and declutter your decluttering ideas!


Here are some decluttering ideas that I use every time I work with a client


  • Set a date/time and keep to it
  • Get yourself a timer so you can keep yourself on track and to stop you going down memory lane too often or distracted by ‘things’ you have found that you had forgotten you had
  • Decide on which area you are going to work on first and work on that until it is complete (in other words avoid flitting from room to room)
  • Put like with like – that way you can see what you have got and how much you have of ‘it’
  • Arm yourself with bin bags; black for chucking, coloured for charity and white for recycling.
  • Get yourself labels and a thick black marker pen
  • You will be creating lots of piles so everything could look worse before it looks better!
  • Be prepared to sell 50% (if there is something worth any money) and to donate 50%. Find a local charity who can pick up for you if that helps
  • Do not overwhelm yourself – decluttering is a tough nut to crack so if it all seems ‘too much’ then simply start with a drawer.
  • Remember the golden rule, empty the thing you are decluttering. There is no point skimming from the top
  • If you wish to keep the item you are removing but it does not need to be in your living space, a good decluttering idea is to put it into either a storage box or a memory box.  These can be super pretty these days
  • If you are moving things around then get yourself a bag or box which you can use to ‘transport’ for instance mugs need to go back into the kitchen, books onto the bookshelf etc
  • If you are moving make sure you start decluttering in plenty of time before packing day – there is no point taking lots of stuff that you will later need to dispose of
  • Your living space is a place for living not storing, so anything ‘extra’ can be disposed of or put somewhere else more appropriate
  • Re-arranging your wardrobe can help you see how many clothes you have – put like with like and ask yourself key questions about whether you wear the item or even like it!
  • Rope in the family so they can all play their part – especially the children – if they see the new ‘you’ they will want to copy you
  • Believe it can be done even if the task seems insurmountable
  • Keep hydrated, keep the blinds and windows open and believe you can do it!


I hope you have enjoyed these decluttering ideas; there are heaps out there but as I say keep it simple to make the whole project easy as you like. Oh, and if you really cannot cope you know where I am!


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