What are decluttering services, and do you think you need them?

The last two years have cluttered up a lot of people’s lives. Many are in overwhelm and experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. The hangover from being in Lockdowns, spending too much money online, the pressure of home-schooling as well as feeling isolated and alone.

Working from home has shown people just how cluttered their homes are and how hectic the energy feels, even with all the good intentions in place to keep things in order. It’s hard, you are juggling a family, maybe a pet (or two or three) and of course, you are working yourself. Trips away, school holidays, homework, family occasions, housework….it all mounts up and before you know it, you have so much clutter here there and everywhere, you have no clue where to start. Mental health suffers and mental health conditions like ADHD and Autism spiral out of control. A big declutter is required but where does one start?

Decluttering services

That’s where a Professional Declutter comes in who offers decluttering services. All the members of the Association of Professional Declutterers bring something different to the party with specialities in various areas. Fully trained and insured, with checks in place, we calm trouble waters.

I love working with clients with ADHD particularly as I can relate to the stumbling blocks attached to this neurodiverse ability. Thinking how your client thinks helps me offer the right solutions. Many of my clients like the labeller and it makes them feel calmer to know that everything is labelled and therefore easier to find. For others, knowing that items are being donated to charity rather than put into landfill gives a form of comfort and even simple ideas like putting ‘like with like’ really does work wonders.

I’m never fan of a skip, it’s more of a last-minute service to me or a need must solution to a mounting problem. Far better than boxes are worked through systemically to allow my client to see their stuff and decide what can be kept and what can be donated. In turn, this acts as a kind of therapy, learning to let go of that which no longer serves you or simply passes the sell by date. As hard as it is, we, as humans, sometimes need to see the harsh reality of our clutter and find the strength and tenacity to face it head on, even if we need to have our hands held along the way. A bit like when you must face the fact you need to lose weight, you need to see a horrid photo to shock you into action. It’s the same with clutter, losing a document can cause enough of a shock to spur on the need to declutter and reach out for help.

Decluttering services

Decluttering services can encompass every sense of the word declutter, but often, once the physical has been resolved, the mental restraints become less restrictive and one can have the peace and clarity to think more clearly.

In 2022 we need more decluttering services being readily available to those in need. Luckily, for those who have found the strength to ask for help, help is available, and it comes in all forms from a full home declutter, to a re-arrange and restyle of a home, to decluttering clothing or specific areas where clutter has got the best of you.

Clutter can amalgamate for anyone, but now is the time to let go and lighten up your life.